The Japanese company ASICS is one of the market leaders in the production of sportswear and footwear. Their sneakers are in demand among professional athletes and amateurs. The range includes running models, options for different sports and everyday wear. Most running shoes are lightweight, with great cushioning and a well-recognized stylish design.

The best ASICS sneakers for everyday wear

Under the Asics brand, not only sports sneakers are produced, but also models for everyday wear. They are not suitable for sports, but will be a great option for every day. In such models, special attention is paid to comfort, softness and appearance.

Top 4. ASICS Gelsaga 1191A187 300

  • Country: Vietnam
  • Upper: textile, nubuck
  • Outsole: foam, rubber

Stylish Asics sneakers, made in a classic design, calm neutral tones, will be an excellent solution for everyday wear. The textile upper with nubuck overlays makes them a good option for summer. The model is universal, suitable for both men and women. For the comfort of users, the manufacturer used gel inserts in the heels and foam for better cushioning. Feet in Asics everyday running shoes will not get too tired, even if you are forced to move all day. Rubber treads provide excellent grip on asphalt, so the model is ideal for city roads. According to users, the sneakers are very soft and light, but not strong enough.

Top 3. ASICS Gel-Skycourt

Versatility and softness

Sneakers designed specifically for everyday wear, suitable not only for sportswear. The minimalist design makes them truly versatile.

  • Country: Cambodia
  • Upper: genuine leather
  • Outsole: rubber

The new model of the Asics brand, thanks to its minimalist design in white, will suit almost any style of casual wear. It goes equally well with a tracksuit and jeans. The perforated leather upper makes the sneakers suitable for the summer season. In addition to the classic appearance, the model is comfortable – gel inserts effectively dampen shock loads when walking, making the step soft and easy. A durable rubber outsole gives you surefooted traction on urban roads. According to user reviews, the feet in the new ASICS sneakers are really comfortable. They are soft, fit well to the foot, provide it with the necessary support. A small drawback – the snow-white color is quite easily soiled.

Top 2. ASICS Gel-Nandi

Best Design

Stylish sneakers with a high, massive sole, made in different colors, attract buyers with an interesting design. And their convenience is a nice bonus.

  • Country: Vietnam
  • Upper: genuine leather, textile, nylon
  • Outsole: rubber

The stylish model is suitable for amateur running, including off-road, and everyday wear. In addition to an interesting design, it is comfortable, soft and excellent cushioning thanks to the 360 ​​GEL midsole. And the outsole with ribbed treads makes it suitable for all-weather wear. The upper of the shoe is made from a combination of breathable textile, nylon and genuine leather. The model is available in different colors, in women’s and men’s performance. It will suit everyone who loves sporty style and comfort. Despite the impressive appearance, users speak of sneakers as light and comfortable. A small minus – they do not fit wide feet.

Топ-1. ASICS Lyte Classic

Most Popular

These sneakers are especially popular with buyers due to their affordable price. They are inexpensive and very comfortable.

  • Country: Vietnam
  • Top: genuine leather, textile
  • Outsole: rubber

Classic lightweight sneakers perfect for everyday wear. The model is available in women’s and men’s versions, suitable for cool summers, warm spring and autumn. The upper is made of natural suede and mesh textile material. The shoe has an internal heel counter for a comfortable fit, while a foam midsole provides cushioning and a cushioned stride. Judging by the user reviews, the shoes correspond to the size, suitable for a wide foot. The model is quite popular due to its affordable cost, convenience and good quality. But some buyers even consider this price too high, citing poor depreciation and soiled material.

The best ASICS running shoes for asphalt running and fitness

For running on urban asphalt roads and fitness activities, Asics releases lightweight running shoes with excellent cushioning. The outsole of many models is complemented by gel inserts for maximum comfort and to reduce shock loads.

Top 3. ASICS MetaRide

Best shoes for long distance running

When running long distances at a calm pace, it is difficult to find a more successful model. Its design is designed to reduce leg fatigue during long runs.

  • Country: China
  • Upper: polyester
  • Outsole: rubber

Comfortable running shoe with a streamlined shape that makes it easier to cover long distances. A feature of the model is improved dynamics, achieved thanks to the innovative flexion of the sole with a shifted center of gravity. It gives you extra momentum while running, which is especially helpful when running long distances. The model is also suitable for fitness classes, on a treadmill in the gym. Shoes designed for people with neutral pronation and hypopronation. Users find the shoe to be particularly well suited for slow paced runs. They note a pleasant roll of the foot, excellent cushioning, and comfort. The size corresponds to the declared, sneakers do not run small and do not run large. The disadvantage is that because of the weakly pronounced treads, it is convenient to run in them only on dry, even asphalt.

Top 2. ASICS Novablast Platinum

Good choice for daily runs

Non-standard geometry of the sole relieves the load from the muscles of the lower leg, provides a smooth ride. Great option for daily runs.

  • Country: Vietnam
  • Upper: polyester, polyurethane, nylon
  • Outsole: rubber

The lightweight Novablast Platinum is a great daily run solution for neutrals. Responsive, soft cushioning without being weighed down is made possible by the new FlyteFoam Blast midsole, while a rubber outsole provides surefooted traction on asphalt and other hard surfaces. Among the other sneakers of the brand, the model stands out with a somewhat unusual design. The special geometry plays not only a decorative role, but also relieves the muscles of the lower leg, providing a smooth roll from heel to toe. The mesh upper provides added comfort. Users find the shoe very comfortable, but they are not recommended for overweight people due to insufficient foam life.

Top 1. ASICS Gel Kayano 27 Platinum

Most comfortable

In the development of this model, the manufacturer has placed maximum emphasis on convenience. Sneakers sit perfectly on the leg, light, soft, fix the foot well.

  • Country: Vietnam
  • Upper: polyester, polyurethane
  • Outsole: rubber

Especially comfortable sneakers that are suitable for both running on asphalt and exercising in the gym. The design worked out to the smallest detail allows them to be used by beginners and professional athletes. Particular emphasis is placed on the differences in the structure of the female and male foot. For men, the shoe comes with a larger arch along the inner edge, while for women, the Spase Trusstic system is used for stability and easier repulsion from the surface. The mesh upper, flexible and durable sole with shock-absorbing elements give the shoe special comfort and increase the efficiency of training. According to users, the shoes are very light and comfortable. The only negative they call a quick wet in wet weather.

The best ASICS running shoes for trail running and hiking

Hiking and off-road running require special shoes with pronounced treads for better grip on the ground. There are also such models in the assortment of the Asics brand. Some of them are made using a membrane material that will keep your feet dry even in rainy weather.

Top 3. ASICS Gel Venture 8MT

The best ratio of price and quality

Asics brand offers stylish, high-quality and comfortable sneakers for running and walking off-road at an affordable price. In terms of price and quality, this is one of the best options.

  • Country: Vietnam
  • Upper: textile, artificial leather
  • Outsole: foam, rubber

The Asics high-top sneakers are designed specifically for cold-weather trail running and walking. Its tough, grippy outsole gives you stability on all types of terrain, while a carefully crafted construction locks your foot in place to protect and support your ankle. The ORTHOLITE™ sockliner, foam midsole and gel pods provide added comfort with a custom fit and superior cushioning. With external massiveness, the sneakers are light, breathe well thanks to the mesh material. But some users would like to add a membrane to the model so that their feet do not get wet in case of rain and do not freeze in the cold.

Top 2. ASICS Gel Sonoma 5 GoreTex

Reliable protection against getting wet

The off-road model is finished with GORE-TEX membrane material. Thanks to this, the feet will remain dry in the most rainy weather.

  • Country: Indonesia
  • Upper: polyester, polyamide, polyurethane
  • Outsole: rubber

Sneakers from Asics for those who run in any weather or like hiking off-road. The GORE-TEX membrane material reliably protects your feet from getting wet even in heavy rain, and powerful rubber treads provide traction even on wet or loose ground. At the same time, the model has all the advantages of running sneakers – it has a functional design, excellent cushioning, gel inserts in the heel to reduce shock, and an AmpliFoam midsole for a better fit. Judging by customer reviews, the sneakers are very comfortable, light, the step in them is springy and smooth. But some users are unhappy with the durability; for the second season, the socks of the sneakers begin to tear.

Top 1. ASICS Gel-Fujitrabuco

Stylish and comfortable

This model will appeal to those who love bright colors. Stylish design in sneakers is successfully combined with convenience, stability on any type of soil.

  • Country: Vietnam
  • Upper: textile
  • Outsole: foam, rubber

Bright, stylish shoes with powerful rubber treads perform well in off-road running. It is also a great option for short hikes in dry weather. This model from Asics will give a feeling of comfort and confidence on any road. High treads have excellent grip on different types of soil, reinforced cushioning system with gel inserts in the heel area absorbs shock loads, reduces fatigue during long walks or runs. Sneakers are soft, but they perfectly fix and support the foot, and also reliably protect the toes from hitting the stones. A small drawback – the new sneakers are stiff, they need to be broken in.