Sneakers are the most versatile and stylish footwear. It is suitable for men and women of all ages. It is recommended to have at least two pairs in the wardrobe – for sports and for everyday wear. Runners should pay attention to special models with good cushioning and breathable inserts. When choosing the perfect sneakers, you need to pay attention to such factors:

  • Appearance and dimensional grid;
  • The materials from which the shoes are made – for the summer it is better to choose a model made of mesh fabric, in winter you can even walk in artificial leather sneakers;
  • Lacing and insoles;
  • Weight – lightweight models are suitable for running, in heavy sneakers it will be convenient to walk on uneven terrain;
  • Sole – stiffness, slip, degree of depreciation;
  • Toe and heel fixation;
  • Feedback from buyers about the quality of the workmanship of the goods.

Of course, budget shoes will never replace products from well-known sports brands. But on AliExpress there are good alternatives for those who cannot afford Adidas, Nike, Reebok, New Balance, etc. products. The ranking presents the best men’s sneakers that can be purchased on a Chinese website. They received positive feedback from customers due to their high quality workmanship and comfort while wearing.

Top 10 Best Men’s Running Shoes from AliExpress

10 Leader Show Men’s Casual Shoes

★ Many color options

Men’s sneakers from the Leader Show brand are produced in only 6 sizes (from 7 to 10), but you can choose any of 14 colors. Available in single and multi-color products. The sole of all sneakers is high, strong and heavy. For running, this model is not suitable due to the large weight. At the same time, the depreciation is good, you can safely wear shoes to the gym or on the football field.

By themselves, Leader Shows are inexpensive, but delivery is paid, for which buyers often lower their rating. The reviews say that the workmanship corresponds to the price. From afar, the sneakers look great, but shortcomings become noticeable: uneven seams, traces of glue and protruding threads. The shoes run small, so it is better to take a size larger than usual. Another nuance – it is this model that often rubs in the heel area. Despite all the cons, sneakers received a lot of positive reviews due to the soft material and comfortable design.

9 MOYING 9200

★ Massive sneakers with unusual lacing

The MOYING 9200 sneakers look massive with a textured outsole with contrasting details. This model is available in black and white, there are several lacing options. You can choose classic or double laces. As for the sizes, everything is standard here – from 6.5 to 12 (USA). In the product description on Aliexpress there is a table that will help you choose the appropriate option. The width is average, for some men the sneakers may seem narrow. The material is moderately dense, without ventilation, so it is better to order shoes for the cold season.

Buyers praise MOYING 9200 in reviews. Shoes look stylish and modern thanks to bright inserts, original soles and lacing with inscriptions. The workmanship is good: all parts are glued, the seams are even and neat. Sneakers are light and comfortable, the sole is springy, does not slip on the floor. The disadvantages of this model include the smell of glue and poor heel fixation.

8 ZCHEKHEN Zapatos Hombre

★ Bright and original design

ZCHEKHEN draw attention to themselves thanks to their bright design. Available in 6 colors: light green, yellow, orange, red, black and white. Sneakers are not monophonic, patterns and inscriptions are placed on the surface of each product. Thanks to this, the shoes look stylish even from afar. On the sides there is a mesh with rubber inserts for better ventilation. Sizes are in European format (from 39 to 47), but before buying it is better to check the table on the website. Production material standard: rubber, EVA and synthetic fabric.

Of course, due to the unusual design, these shoes are not suitable for all men. They will not be able to go to the office or to a business conference. But for sports, walks and parties, ZCHEKHEN will become indispensable. They are comfortable to walk and move in: the sole provides good cushioning and does not slip, and the mesh material does not prevent the skin from breathing. The main disadvantage of this model is a strong chemical smell.

7ESDY 771

★ Best price on AliExpress

Even on AliExpress it can be difficult to find budget and high-quality shoes for men. These shoes are a good solution. The ESDY 771 has a minimalistic look: a solid black fabric is diluted with contrasting laces, soles, and lettering on the tongue and heel. During the ordering process, you can choose the size (from 6 to 11) and the color of the product. Shoes made of breathable material, rubber sole. It is also convenient that you do not have to tie shoelaces, elastic bands are provided instead.

Ali Express users were pleasantly surprised by the quality of ESDY 771. The material is not bad, there is practically no smell. All seams are neatly stitched. The sizes correspond to the declared ones, the sneakers in reality look exactly the same as in the photo of the seller. They are comfortable to wear, light, do not pinch or rub anywhere. The rubberized sole does not slip even in winter. The weakest point of the product was the laces – if you carelessly tighten them, there is a risk of breaking the fasteners.

6 CARTELO 1X01180078

★ Best value for money

Thanks to its flat and low sole, the CARTELO 1X01180078 are ideal for tennis, walking, cycling and skateboarding. These men’s sneakers are made of faux leather and are available in 4 color options. Available in European sizes from 39 to 44, so the model is suitable not only for guys, but also for girls. Thanks to the dense material with ventilation, sneakers can be worn almost at any time of the year.

Users of the Chinese site were satisfied with the purchase of CARTELO 1X01180078. The most significant drawback of this model was the patch with a crocodile, like Lacoste. Not everyone is comfortable wearing copies of well-known brands, even if they are of high quality. Otherwise, there are practically no complaints about the shoes: all the details are well glued and stitched, the material is really breathable, the insole is comfortable. It should be borne in mind that sneakers run small, before choosing the right size, it is better to check the table on Aliexpress.

5 Rommedal RO0814-P101

★ Unusual embossed outsole

Among running shoes, there are often models with a custom sole designed for better cushioning. Manufacturers from AliExpress have caught on to this trend and have begun to produce good shoes for athletes. For example, Rommedal RO0814-P101 features a high embossed sole with holes. Due to this, they turned out to be light and comfortable, while the sneakers perfectly spring on any surface. Another advantage is mesh inserts over the entire surface of the product. Thanks to this, the foot will not sweat. Available in 4 colors and US sizes 7 to 12.

Judging by customer reviews, Rommedal RO0814-P101 are made with high quality. The material is good, all the details are securely glued, the seams are even. The size grid is accurate, although for some men the shoes turned out to be too big. If you have narrow feet, please order a size smaller than usual. The main drawback of the product is a strong smell.


4 Hemmyi HE556

★ Best option for runners

By appearance, you can immediately determine that the Hemmyi HE556 is designed for running. The entire upper part of the sneaker is made of breathable material, the sole is not too high, but embossed. The cushioning is good and the rubber flexes easily. Another feature of the model was a high-quality insole. You can choose a size from 6.5 to 13 inclusive. The range of colors is not too wide, there are only 6 shades of white, gray and black.

These men’s running shoes have received mostly good reviews from buyers. On Aliexpress they write that Hemmyi HE556 are light, they are comfortable for long walks and runs. It is easy to take care of shoes, you can safely wash them in a typewriter. It is not difficult to determine the size, the table is quite accurate. The quality is solid: no protruding threads and traces of glue, each pair is neatly stitched, there are air linings inside to hold the shape. The main drawback is the smell of paint, but it quickly disappears.

3 PUAMSS Men Sneakers

★ Most popular model on AliExpress

Men’s sneakers from PUAMSS have been ordered on AliExpress more than 18,000 times, now there are almost 11 thousand product reviews on the site. The reason for this popularity was the low price, coupled with good workmanship. The design of the shoes is quite simple: each pair is made in black with contrasting inserts, the color of which can be chosen. The fabric is breathable, the sole is not too high. The range includes all popular European sizes, from 35 to 47.

PUAMSS will be the best solution for early autumn and late spring. Thanks to the wide size grid, these sneakers are ordered not only by men, but also by women. They are very light and comfortable to wear, almost not felt on the feet. Breathable fabric provides good ventilation, and the sole easily bounces off asphalt. The reviews advise buying a pair a size larger than usual, but it all depends on the fullness of the leg. Apart from the smell, there are no significant disadvantages of this model.

2 Wolf Who 8689

★ Stylish shoes for cold weather

Wolf Who 8689 differs from other models with Aliexpress in the material of manufacture. They are quite high, with a strong heel and a fur layer inside. Thanks to this, the shoes are suitable for autumn and winter, it will not be possible to wear them in summer. The appearance of these men’s sneakers deserves special attention. They are available in 7 different designs and colors. You can choose a modest black and white model or order the brightest pair with multi-colored inserts. Available in all sizes – from 4.5 to 12 (USA).

Customers liked the quality of tailoring Wolf Who 8689. In winter, they are warm and comfortable, the foot does not sweat. According to the manufacturer, the material easily absorbs sweat and odor, it is comfortable to walk in shoes for a long time. The sole is good, but lacks lateral support. Because of this, sneakers are only suitable for walking, you should not play sports in them. The only drawback of the model is an inaccurate table with dimensions.

1 BONA 33397

★ Best workmanship and materials

Shoes from the Chinese brand BONA are known far beyond Aliexpress. The manufacturer relies on the quality of workmanship and materials. The design of sneakers is quite modest, but it is the original, not a copy of the products of well-known brands. Model 33397 is available in 8 colors and is available in sizes 8 to 11 inclusive. For the manufacture was used mesh fabric and leatherette. An important advantage of this model is the orthopedic insole, but not every pair has it.

In the reviews they write that BONA 33397 is well made, the dimensions correspond to the declared ones. The seams are neat, there are no traces of glue, complaints about a specific smell are extremely rare. Sneakers are comfortable to wear: do not press, do not rub, the fabric is soft and breathable. Comfortable temperature for shoes is from 5 to 15 degrees. If it’s warmer outside, your feet may sweat. The disadvantages also include a small size range and a high price, compared with the most budget models.