We can safely say that sneakers have practically ousted sandals, shoes and boots with high heels from fashion. They are comfortable and go well with any style of clothing, including skirts and dresses. It’s no surprise that so-called sneakers are increasingly appearing in women’s wardrobes.

Usually ladies prefer not too massive models with good depreciation. Unusual platform sneakers are also popular. They help visually increase growth, while walking in such shoes is quite comfortable. This is a great alternative to outdated heels and stilettos. Of course, you should not choose platform sneakers over 7 cm, they look rough and ugly. Yes, and the comfort of such sneakers is a big question. The best option would be a 3-5 cm high embossed sole.

The rating includes a variety of sneakers for women, which can be ordered on Aliexpress. Chinese manufacturers offer shoes for every taste, from running shoes to stylish sneakers that you will not be ashamed to wear to an important event. When choosing the best pair, you need to pay attention to the size grid, color scheme, platform height and style of women’s sneakers. Customer reviews will help you find out about the quality of the manufacture of a particular model.

Top 10 Best Women’s Running Shoes from AliExpress

10 Bjakin RY32121

★ Bright and unusual design

Bjakin RY32121 is the brightest running shoe for women on AliExpress. Available in 7 color options, from black and white to all colors of the rainbow. The laces are different everywhere, they differ in width and color, depending on the chosen model. The upper part of the sneaker is made of breathable material with holes. The seller offers American sizes from 5 to 12, the width is medium everywhere (B). This model has a 6 cm high embossed platform that provides good cushioning.

The reviews note that these sneakers are comfortable, they are practically not felt on their feet, despite the external massiveness. They are qualitatively stitched, there are no protruding threads and poorly dyed fragments. Dimensions are accurate. The colors are very pretty and the colors are exactly as advertised. The disadvantages of Bjakin RY32121 girls include the smell of rubber. It is also important to consider that the material is thin, shoes are best suited for spring and summer.


★ Original model with reflective elements

Clothing with reflective details came into fashion a year ago, and still does not lose ground. Not surprisingly, these unusual sneakers appeared on AliExpress. LAKESHI M3A1 is available in two versions – an all-white sneaker or a model with black inserts. Each shoe features a pattern that reflects light. In the twilight and in photographs, it looks especially impressive. These shoes will appeal to women who run or ride a bike in the evenings. Reflective elements help avoid collision. The size grid is not too wide – from 4.5 to 8.5 (USA). The height of the platform does not exceed 3 cm, the sole is rubber.

The reviews write that the sneakers are perfect in size, soft and comfortable, almost not felt on the leg. If we talk about the disadvantages of LAKESHI M3A1, buyers complain about the smell and uneven seams. They are not conspicuous, but still the shoes are not suitable for an important exit in color, it is rather a sporty option.

8 Hundunsnake A-187

★ Best value for money

Hundunsnake A-187 is a unisex sneaker with an interesting design and a massive embossed sole. Available in sizes 7 to 11.5, there are 6 color options. Each pair is adorned with contrasting patterns reminiscent of cobwebs or cracks. The sole is soft, you can bend the sneakers without problems. The upper part of the product is made of breathable material (foam rubber + fabric), the foot will not sweat. The sneakers are quite narrow, so for those with wide feet it is better to choose a model one size larger than usual.

Customers are delighted with the appearance of the Hundunsnake A-187. They are bright and beautiful, the material is soft and pleasant to the body. An important plus is that the dimensional grid on Aliexpress is true, the shoes do not run small. The quality of tailoring is average, but the sneakers sit well on the foot. They are heavy for running because of the springy rubber sole. Delivery speed leaves much to be desired, but it all depends on the region.


★ Stylish and neat sneakers for important events

Not every couple with Aliexpress is suitable for a walk or a party. Active women should pay attention to TUINANLE Y830: small and neat sneakers will look stylish even with a summer dress. The store offers only 3 colors to choose from, including black and white and multi-colored, with small details and inscriptions. But in the assortment there are all American sizes, from 5 to 10.5 inclusive. The platform appears to be high in the photos, but is actually between 3-5 cm. The insole is made of EVA and there is a mesh lining.

AliExpress users loved these sneakers. Although they are positioned as women’s, sneakers are quite suitable for young and stylish guys. Delivery is lightning fast, workmanship is excellent. The threads do not stick out, the sewing is factory, the colors correspond to the photos. The only caveat is that TUINANLE Y830 is small in size, in reality they look a little larger than in the pictures of the seller.

6 JIN HUI QI QI Platform Shoes

★ Highest platform

Shoes from JIN HUI QI QI will suit outrageous girls who are not afraid to draw attention to themselves. These chunky sneakers have a rugged look with oversized details and a 7cm platform. You can choose from two styling options. The upper part of the shoe is made of breathable fabric with leatherette inserts. The shock-absorbing sole has embossed elements for better grip on the surface. Thanks to this, sneakers are suitable both for a leisurely walk around the city and for extreme recreation. Sizes are in European format – from 34 to 40, which is convenient.

Women usually praise this model in reviews: sneakers are well made, the right size is selected the first time. At first, the sole seems large, but the sneakers look harmonious on the feet. It is also important that the legs do not get tired in them, walking and playing sports is as comfortable as possible. JIN HUI QI QI has one drawback – when worn for a long time, the feet sweat.


★ Better cushioning. Large dimensional grid

25-LYD90 – budget sneakers for spring and summer. The most important advantage of this model was a wide range of sizes. Only FUDYNMALC offers sneakers from US size 4.5 to US size 14 inclusive. Thanks to this, you can order the same shoes for the whole family. The color scheme here is also extensive – 7 design options for every taste. The surface of the product is made of synthetic fabric with rubber and mesh inserts. The sole is low (up to 2 cm), but it does not slip thanks to the relief details.

An unexpected surprise for customers was the FUDYNMALC 25-LYD90 cushioning. It is significantly better than other models in this price range. The reviews also note the high quality of tailoring and the pleasant material from which the sneakers are made. They are full-size, sit comfortably, almost do not feel on your feet. The fabric is not deformed after washing in the machine. The only negative of the product is the smell of glue.


★ Lightweight and comfortable sneakers for every day

GILAUGH G012 became popular due to the best price on AliExpress. Of course, these women’s sneakers look quite modest, but they are ideal for the gym, cycling and running. Sneakers are made of breathable fabric, they have a durable non-slip sole. Available in 6 shades and sizes 5 to 8.5. Gray, black and white sneakers are presented in two versions – for a standard and wide foot (the so-called Hollow version).

The reviews write that the GILAUGH G012 sneakers exceed all expectations. They are very light, fit snugly to the leg and do not rub. Sneakers look very good, in appearance it is impossible to understand that they are made in China. The size grid caused controversy among customers: some women found it perfect, others complained that the shoes were too big. To order the right size, it makes sense to consult the seller before buying.

3 VEAMORS 1727

★ Leader in the number of orders and reviews on Aliexpress

This model has become a real bestseller on the Chinese site. It has been ordered more than 6,000 times, buyers have left almost 3,000 reviews on AliExpress. VEAMORS 1727 women’s sneakers are available in 11 versions, they differ in color and mesh pattern on the surface of the product. The rubber outsole deserves special attention. Thanks to the original shape and small holes, it provides good cushioning while running or playing sports. Sizes are in European format – from 35 to 42 inclusive.

Buyers from Aliexpress were delighted with the speed of delivery of goods. Usually, all processes take no more than a month, while parcels are sent from China. The quality of VEAMORS 1727 did not disappoint the women either. It is soft and comfortable, well stitched, does not press anywhere, if you choose the right size. There is no smell, protruding threads and traces of glue. The main disadvantage of this model is the synthetic material inside which the foot will sweat.

2 SEE 33631

★ Best workmanship

BONA is one of the best Chinese shoe manufacturers. The range includes women’s, men’s and children’s shoes. Model 33631 has a simple design, so it is usually bought for sports and everyday wear. There are sizes from 5.5 to 8 and four colors to choose from. The sole is made of EVA, it is not too high, but the cushioning is present. According to the description on Aliexpress, these sneakers are suitable even for long-distance races (from 40 km). They do not weigh down, almost not felt on the legs. Mesh inserts are provided in the fabric so that air can penetrate into the product.

There are almost no negative reviews about this product on the site. Women love the design of the BONA 33631, the quality of the workmanship and the way the shoe sits on the foot. They are really light, the material is soft, does not rub anywhere. The dimensions are accurate, the sole does not slip. Inside the shoes are good orthopedic insoles. The only thing to complain about is the speed of delivery.


1 SWYIVY WS25301

★ Genuine leather. Strong outsole

SWYIVY WS25301 are available in two colors – white and beige. These sneakers are plain, outwardly they resemble sneakers. With a minimalist design, they look stylish in any outfit. Genuine leather was used for the manufacture, so the sneakers will not be hot. Thick outsole provides good cushioning. There are European sizes from 35 to 40. Natural material is easily broken in, so there should be no problems with small sizes. The seller securely packs each pair in anthers, he puts foam inside the shoe to keep its shape.

Judging by the reviews, SWYIVY WS25301 is really made of leather. The workmanship is beyond praise: the seams are even and neat, the threads do not stick out, even the smell is almost not felt. Sneakers are light and comfortable, do not press anywhere, do not hang out. But there is one drawback – the markings in blue next to the seams. Fortunately, it can be wiped off with a normal damp cloth.