Modern women have long changed their usual look at the traditional wearing of sports shoes. Now it is not just one of the elements of equipment for sports, but a fashionable wardrobe accent. Sneakers are willingly worn with skirts, jeans and even coats.

Since these products are at the peak of popularity, manufacturers create entire collections in various directions, taking into account the characteristics of women’s feet: running, for fitness, urban or for everyday wear, for a certain sport. In such a variety, it is not surprising to get confused. In order to choose quality products, we propose to be guided by several criteria:

  • Choose styles with a breathable texture. This will allow the foot to breathe and sweat less.
  • The sole must be shock absorbing. Thanks to them, the load on the muscles, spine and joints is reduced, respectively, you get tired more slowly.
  • Well, if the models will have protectors. This will ensure a secure grip on the surface and reduce slip.
  • Remember, only companies that have been proven over the years produce high-quality and comfortable shoes. It is worth giving preference to well-known brands, whose products are in great demand among customers.

The rating below is based on feedback from real consumers. The best include the most famous lines and models of women’s sneakers. 

The best women’s running shoes

Models for running have a number of features. As a rule, this is a shock-absorbing sole that reduces the load on the joints and spine; treads that provide good grip; breathable material that does not allow the foot to sweat. For jogging, it is recommended to choose the most stable samples of sports shoes. They securely fix the ankle joint, reducing the likelihood of injury.


5 Anta running А-jelly

★ Better breathability

Country: China

The model is perfect for both running and everyday wear. This is a great option for fashionistas, as the design of the product is very stylish, elegant and practical at the same time. Every detail is functional. A wide size range allows you to purchase a model for owners of both a miniature leg and larger dimensions (up to size 25.5). The original muted pink shade gives the shoes femininity.  

However, the main useful feature of the design is the interior design of the sneakers with breathable material. Mesh lining and insole do not weigh down the model, do not contribute to excessive sweating. The textile upper of the rating is also characterized by optimal breathability. The shock-absorbing A-jelly insert is also of interest. It is environmentally friendly, provides the necessary return of energy during movement, and does not harm the environment during disposal. The decorated outsole is made of EVA polymer and wear-resistant rubber.

4 Hoka Cavu 2 Lavendula/Medieval Blue

★ Powerful outsole

Country: France

Despite the fact that the rating participant does not have a membrane, he gained popularity for excellent depreciation and versatility in operation. This pair can be worn for regular walking, slow runs on park paths or fast paced moderate trails over any distance. The redesigned ProFly outsole features heterogeneous construction and density. In the heel area, you experience a soft fit and comfort, while in the forefoot, due to stronger foam, all conditions are created for the most effective repulsion.

This is one of the lightest models in terms of weight (164 grams), while the thickness of the sole is 2.5 times the standard value. Among the advantages of the owner of a women’s sports accessory include the optimal geometry of the sole in terms of curvature, high-quality foot support, ease of use at night due to the presence of reflective inserts.

3 Salomon Trailster GoreTex

★ Comfortable design for cross-country running

Country: France

The reinforced design of the model is designed for jogging not only on asphalt, but also on dirt tracks and rough terrain. For the upper part of the product, a moisture-proof material is used, which, after drying, does not deform, does not change in size, and does not fade during prolonged exposure to sunlight. Mesh textiles are also breathable and prevent feet from sweating when walking fast. Polymer inserts provide additional structural strength.

Running shoes have an anatomical shape, tightly covering the foot and fixing vulnerable areas. The plastic heel pad also protects the structure from mechanical stress. The foam insole with antibacterial impregnation well protects the shoes from the appearance of an unpleasant odor. The special EnerguCell+ system, combined with a textured soft rubber outsole, allows you to make springy pushes, expending a minimum of physical energy. The products of a well-known company can be used even when overcoming simple mountain routes.

2 Nike Genicco

★ Elegant design

Country: USA

Nike Genicco sneakers boast extreme comfort. They have a classic design, stable soles and breathable material. In them, you can easily endure intense workouts, since your legs practically do not get tired.

Sneakers are made of plastic and textile, have a durable platform and a mesh upper. The heel is not deformed. For those who prefer to combine sport with elegance, the company has developed this model. The mesh surface provides excellent breathability, the seamless system allows you to achieve maximum comfort. The design features unrivaled cushioning and aerodynamics. A variety of colors allows the fair sex to look elegant in any sports outfit.

1 Adidas (ZX 750 flux, Running, Climacool, Adizero)

★ High quality

Country: Germany

Among the branded lines for women, running ones are very popular. There are several such collections. The ZX 750 flux and Running feature an anti-trauma platform and are lightweight. The insole corresponds to the anatomical features of the female foot. A good level of cushioning reduces stress on the spine and joints. Breathable fabric prevents sweat.

Two more popular running collections are Climacool and Adizero. The first is equipped with ventilation ducts with a three-layer structure. Thanks to them, ventilation and cooling of the foot are provided. The second has a textured shock-absorbing base for more reliable grip on the surface. All products combine lightness, strength and protection. Consumer reviews say that running models for ladies are comfortable and stylish. In the process of exercising, the legs do not sweat and do not get tired. They willingly recommend Adidas for purchase.

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The best women’s sneakers for everyday wear

Products for everyday wear should be as comfortable as possible. To do this, manufacturers supply them with orthopedic insoles, breathable inserts. To date, the design of women’s sports pairs for daily walking is in line with fashion trends. Thanks to this, they can be combined with any clothes from the wardrobe, creating a unique look.

5 G19 Sport Non Stop

★ The most attractive unisex model price

Country: Italy (made in China)

Outwardly, a cute pair is one of the cheapest among well-known branded proposals. It is chosen for the shape that takes into account the structure of the leg as much as possible, light weight, and familiar lacing. The female version, despite the dark colors, is popular due to the textile materials used on the top and inside. They are wear-resistant, easy to wash, do not roll down with long everyday wear. The heel of the product is reinforced due to a special raised design configuration.

A special leather insert protects the lacing holes from premature loss of functionality. The low tongue does not interfere with free movement, however, thanks to a special eyelet, it tightly fixes the instep of the foot. The foam-filled insole is usually cited in reviews as one of the advantages of the model, as it has a memory effect. The Phylon outsole gives the shoe lightness and springiness, so the feet do not get tired in it at all even during a long stay. The disadvantage of the model is that they can be slightly small.

4 Award-winning Django

★ Unique style

Country: Italy

The famous Italian brand creates original pieces for the weaker sex. They are distinguished by a special finish of glass beads and metal. For lovers of non-standard images, jeans with rhinestones are suitable. This is the perfect trend for fashionistas. Premiata sports shoes boast natural materials, high-quality rubber soles and unique design solutions.

One of the most popular was the Django model. Its feature is in a unique styling, which is a metallic snake skin. It is equipped with a padded platform with a print, so you can safely put it on not only for a walk, but also for a party, including a sports one. In such a model from Premiata, the fair sex will always look at their best.

3 Skechers Shape ups

★ Maintain muscle tone

Country: USA

Skechers sneakers are very popular among women. Thanks to innovative development, the model is able to maintain muscle tone during a normal walk. The special convex base reduces the load on the joints. It feels like you are walking on a soft surface. Thanks to Shape ups, you can improve your posture and lose calories.

The anatomical insole exactly follows the curves of the foot. Breathable material keeps feet dry even after long walks. Reviews say that Skechers Shape ups are the best for everyday wear. The back and legs do not get tired, the feet do not sweat. While walking, a pleasant muscle tension is felt, as in the process of training.

2 New Balance 576

★ Better fixation

Country: USA

New Balance embodies convenience and comfort. For many, this is the best shoes for everyday wear in casual style. The firm’s designers work tirelessly to create collections, turning sportswear into a fashion accessory. When creating samples, great attention is paid to the material and ergonomics. For this reason, each pair is equipped with a unique shock absorbing foam and rubber platform.

The New Balance 576 boasts excellent breathability and comfort. They are ideal for walking. Lightweight and comfortable. High-quality finishing and fabric make the shoes durable and reliable. Customers like the wide range of colors and styles that can be combined with any style of clothing. For these advantages, they leave positive reviews about the product.

1 Balenciaga Speed Trainer Black White Red

★ Perfect softness

Country: France

Modern sneakers sometimes take on completely unexpected forms that attract the attention of customers with their extravagance and convenience. At the same time, the product is characterized by high quality, moderate cost. The French company produces a model that can be compared with elastic durable socks on a familiar sneaker sole. This design does not have many seams, inserts, overlays, rigid frame. With everyday wear, it takes on an individual shape of the leg.

In the reviews of the model’s fans, they note its maximum softness, natural fixation of the foot, and versatility in relation to clothing. The breathable dense textile of the top is completed with an elastic band. The high sole looks multi-layered due to special protection of the toe, reinforced heel. In such a pair, it is comfortable to overcome even puddles or areas of mud. The ribbed outsole provides reliable traction no matter the type of surface.

The best women’s running shoes for fitness

For fitness activities, it is recommended to choose shoes with cushioning elements and a breathable surface. It is important that they tightly fit the joint, preventing mobility. The sole should be dense and stable, preventing slipping.

5 Puma Trinomic

★ Model versatility

Country: Germany

Among the items for ladies, the basic collection is Trinomic. It is great for fitness. The samples contain a kind of mesh on the nose, made of elastic rubber. Design “from the past” in a modern version also attracts attention. The distinctive features of the series include originality, high wear resistance and incredible comfort.

Many people like subtle stylistic solutions and bright colors. The comfort and quality of the sports collection is noted. The leg does not sweat, does not slip. The base absorbs shock, thereby reducing the load on the spine and joints. Among the regularly updated assortment, every woman will find a suitable pair.

4 Lacoste HELAINE 118 1

★ Maximum stability and outsole flexibility

Country: France

For those who prefer an active lifestyle at any time of the year, this is the best solution. A popular company offers a combined model in which you can find elements of classic and modern design, a combination of materials of different textures, an overall compact form, regardless of size. The upper is two-thirds made of breathable, odor-free stretch fabric (which can be seen on shoes from some obscure brands). Faux leather overlays reinforce the toe, heel and laces.

Lining polyester is quite wear-resistant, does not tear, does not stretch, does not shrink after drying. Therefore, staying in this pair of shoes will be comfortable. The thin rubber outsole gives good stability to the foot and increases mobility. The model is designed for a narrow foot, what you should pay attention to when choosing a purchase. In addition to fitness, it can be used for outdoor walks in the warm season. Experienced fans of the brand recommend distinguishing a pair of shoes from fakes by checking the quality of the seams, the flexibility of the sole and the accuracy of the logo printed on the side of the products.

3 Nike Free Connect

★ Better grip

Country: USA

Nike offers over 100 women’s designs for women’s fitness. They are distinguished by attractive design, bright colors, ergonomics and comfort. The most purchased of the Nike Free line is the Connect model. It features breathable mesh fabric and an ultra-light tri-star base. All this ensures freedom of movement during training and the effectiveness of training.

The pair also features unusually beautiful color performance, comfort and flexibility. There are reinforcements on the sides of the outsole. The product easily withstands intense workouts. Of the main advantages, customers note comfort, excellent fit on the leg, good cushioning and ventilation. The product has an attractive appearance, qualitatively sewn and glued. Undoubtedly, Nike is a worthy representative of the ranking of the best.

2 Reebok CrossFit

★ Anatomic footbed

Country: USA

The company offers to pay attention to some samples that can be used for fitness. One of the most popular models is CrossFit. It has a sophisticated design, while possessing all the necessary properties of a quality product. Fits perfectly on the leg, providing ankle fixation. Equipped with an orthopedic insole, thanks to which it becomes even more comfortable to move.

CrossFit is bought for different types of fitness training, because the shoes are comfortable. The insole completely repeats the curves of the female foot, the platform adheres well to the plane. A special layer neutralizes shocks. There is a drawstring for a secure fit. The advantages of a woman also include a comfortable rise and the structure of the inner textile, which reduces sweating.

1 Violet 33-33-blue

★ Optimal design choice

Country: Turkey (produced in China)

The model will definitely appeal to fans of lightness, freedom of movement, comfort. Fitness shoes comply with all generally accepted canons thanks to the practical combined top made of textile and breathable mesh, soft lining, foot-friendly insole. All elements of the sneakers are made with high quality, for assembly, there are no complaints from the buyers either. For easy storage after visiting the gym or after cleaning, there is a special loop on the back.

In such a pair, you can feel comfortable even during long sessions, since the legs are kept stable and stable, they do not fog up. A thin polyurethane sole does not wear out during frequent training, does not slip on different types of surfaces, bends well when moving, quickly restores its shape without creases and cracks. The classic design of the products allows them to be worn with any sportswear.