Are looking for ways to groom your footwear which can enhance your appearance? You have reached the right place. I will tell you how you can rock your first impression by using a simple item; Best Horsehair Shoe Brush! As once a great actor Will Roger said, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

When you have a well-ironed suit that boosts your confidence and makes you look well-dressed but shoes are faded and not shiny it will leave the whole look in ruins. The difference a premium shoe brush can make is quite fantastic; it makes you look elegant and sharp without putting in too much effort. 

When buying a shoe brush, it is essential to make sure if it’s a horsehair brush, you will be using this 90% of the time. It removes dirt from leather and suede shoes and brings outshine to them. The horsehair is stiff, which is the best option for cleaning it. The denser the brush is, the better the functionality is.

Best Horsehair Shoe Brush

Buying horsehair shoe brushes can be difficult and a bit of an overwhelming task in the beginning. With all the advertisement and marketing you really can’t tell which one is the best option for you. We have picked out the premium quality horsehair shoe polishing brushes for you so that you can skip all the hustle and get things done quickly. Below are some top quality horsehair shoe brushes with maximum customer satisfaction.

Top 10 Best Horsehair Shoe Brushes

·    Shoeslulu 5″ Mongolian Horsehair Shine Brush

This economical brush with natural Mongolian horsehair is the best option if you are looking for a cheap yet fine horsehair shoe brush. It removes dirt and cleans your shoes perfectly fine. The long horsehair bristles ensure deep cleaning of the items. It works smoothly with sprays, foam, erasers and cleaning kits. The best feature of this item is that it travels friendly with 2.9 ounce weight. The durability and the price of the brush make it the most loved article by the shoe lovers. The product is available on Amazon for $8.95 only.

·   TAKAVU 6.7″ Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush

The steady yet soft bristles make the brush one of the top picks by the customers. The TAKAVU 6.7 inches brush is designed for professional shoe care giving the best results for leather cleaning. It helps the leather fiber to rise, giving more shine to the surface.

The product is manufactured using 100% premium horsehair and beech wood, making it a durable item. The size of the brush is 6.7 inch with 1.18-inch bristle hair. It gives you the grip which is long enough to hold the brush firmly furthermore, the long brushes ensure that the items get squeaky clean without getting scratchy. The item can be used for multi purposes such as cleaning shoes, leather sofas, gloves, bed sheets etc.

The item is available for $15 on Amazon click the link for further information.

·     7″ Horsehair Shoe Brushes (2pcs)

It is a 2pcs shoe brush polisher and shiner made with high quality bristle material, taken from the ponytail. The fine hair does not damage the surface of the shoes, making them last much longer. The deluxe quality makes it one of the top choices. It has a high-quality wooden handle which has a firm grip. The dark bristle is used for dark colored and vice versa. It is a multipurpose brush used for polishing, cleaning and removing dust from shoes, leather sofa, bed sheets, gloves, coats, clothes, bags and so on. It is available on Amazon for $12.99.

·        Foloda 6.7″ Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush

The genuine quality of the horsehair will clean your shoes correctly, and the long bristles will give it the maximum shine that it needs. The 1.18 inches long horsehair is perfect for easy and quick cleaning. The premium quality beech wooden handle of 6.69 inches gives your hand an ideal grip for comfortable cleaning. The item is adaptable, and you can use it for any type of leather products. The packaging includes two shoe brushes, for dark and light-coloured shoes which makes it a smart buy. It is available on Amazon for $14.

·      Medium Wellington Horsehair Shoe Polishing Brush

The wellington medium horsehair polishing brush is one of the premium brushes available for shoe care. The high-density hair brush with 100% premium quality bristles makes the item luxurious. The length of the brush is 6.5x 2 inches.

 The handle is made from pure beech wood perfect for steady hand grip and travelling. The bristles are 1.0 inches long, and they are secured in the tiny holes to avoid shredding. This makes the brush more durable. It is available in two different colours, black and neutral.

The price of the brush is $25, and it is available on the official wellington website. You can place your order by clicking on the link below.

·        Polishing Shoe Shine Brush – Supreme Polisher by VALENTINO GAREMI

The larger shoe polishing brush with premium quality is for those who desire for high-end results on shoe care. Germany made buffer will impress you with its astonishing results. The brush is made from pure horsehair bristles which ensure the smooth cleaning and the hard resin handle with 8 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches makes them brush rich. It is available in two different colors, dark and light. The product is available on Amazon and well as on its official website. 

·        Saphir Natural Horsehair Shoe Brush

Saphir horsehair brush ensures quick cleaning and makes leather products last longer. The natural horsehair bristles and the beech wood handle makes it a high-quality item. The length of the brush is 7 inches which are the perfect size for everyday use and travel. The product is manufactured in France, and the brand has made itself reliable since the 1920s. It is available on Amazon in two different sizes, medium and larger. Visits the link to check the updated price.

·        MAXIMILIAN 8″ Shoe Shine Brush

The MAXIMILIAN 8″ Shoe Shine Brush is made from natural lotus and soft horsehair. It is used for dusting, cleaning and polishing leather to enhance the quality and brings out the shine in the product. The long bristles ensure that the surface gets clean without scratching or harming the leather items. It is a multipurpose brush which can be used for cleaning shoes, jackets, gloves, sofas, bed sheets etc. The handle is made from natural beechwood in a way which allows the comfortable grip. It quickly cleans the dust. Besides this, you can apply oil, wax or polish on the brush to raise the leather fibers and make it shinier. It is available on Amazon for $20.88 click on the link to get access to the product.

·        3 Pieces Horsehair Shoe Polishing Dauber Kit by YoungJoy

The shoe kit is a smart buy as it includes one big horsehair shoeshine brush, one double-sized horsehair shoe brush, one mini horsehair brush and one microfiber buffing cloth. The horsehair cleans the leather and brings out the shine to the surface, maintaining the beauty of the leather. The handles of the brushes are made to give a firm grip to hold the brush.

The kit is perfectly made for everyday use. The bristles ensure the smooth cleaning while the microfiber cloth helps in leveling and cleaving the surface. The brushes can be used for various purposes around the house and outside. There are four different styles available on the Amazon click on the link to avail the item according to your desire.

·        Stone & Clark 12PC Shoe Polish & Care Kit

The premium shoe kit is what you need if you are looking for a complete shoe cleaning set. The kit contains all the essential items required to make your shoes look clean and shiny. It has one polish application brush, buffing brush, three buffing cloth, two shine sponge, metal shoe horn, neutral, brown and black wax polish and a leather case. The brush bristles are made from horsehair, which makes sure that the shoes get maximum care.

The case helps to bring the essentials on business trips or personal travels. If you are looking for a birthday or father’s day gift or any other event, this kit is the best item. It is available on Amazon $23, which is pretty much affordable if you are on a tight budget. Visit the link  to place an order.

This is the complete guide for best horsehair shoe brushes which will help you to decide which one is according to your taste and desire. However, it is essential to keep in mind to check all the details and features of the item to avoid any incontinence after receiving the order.

I hope this article will provide you with all the information that you need.