Your feet are like wheels that you travel from one place to another, we might not observe their importance in everyday life, but they play a huge role in enabling us to carry out our daily activities. When you walk for long hours on concrete, your feet tend to feel sore and achy and make you feel tired and lazy.

If you are working in a sector in which you are required to stand on your feet on concrete for long hours, like in construction, retail service, security providers, sales worker then must have a pair of right fitted comfortable shoes. A wise man once said, “If your shoes are comfortable, you can conquer all”.

In this article, I will share the harms of wearing the wrong shoes for long hours. Apart from that, we will give you some tips on choosing the right shoes that are best for standing on concrete all day. These shoes will help you walk and stand on concrete for long hours without worrying about your feet.

Effects for wearing the wrong pair of shoes for walking on concrete

Before we dive into the best shoes for walking on concrete floors all day, it is essential to know the effects of wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes on your feet. Without proper support, standing on concrete for a whole day places strain on your feet, joints, legs, and lower back. If the issue is not resolved initially, it can lead to stiffness and severe lower back problems. A wrong shoe doesn’t take long to make your happy day stressful and tiring.

The stress impact caused by the uncomfortable shoes makes your feet, ankles, knees, heels, hips, and back sore. It sucks out all the energy left in your body, and if you work regularly, it can have an impact on your well-being. For example, you might be able to sleep properly due to body aches and constant muscle pain. Therefore, the sooner you invest in a pair of good shoes for working on concrete all day, the better.

How to choose the most comfortable shoes for standing on concrete?

When you go shopping for comfortable shoes, you need to look at some essential features. Some shoes might look aesthetically pleasing and grab your attention in a few seconds, but it doesn’t mean that all athletic shoes are going to give you comfort and enough cushioning to stand on concrete for long hours without making your feet sore. Hence, it would be best if you kept a few essential things in your mind when you’re looking for good shoes for standing on concrete.

Here are a few things you need to know before buying comfortable shoes for standing all day on concrete floors.

Outsole Design

Outsole designs attract consumers, bold colors and sharp cuts have made trainers and sneakers stand out. The hype created is worth it but let’s not forget that we are looking for trainers to support our feet for long hours. For maximum support, the sole should be flat and wide. It divides the pressure evenly so that no one part has to bear the burden. In addition, the material used in the outsole should be able to absorb shocks against the hard surfaces.


A good pair of shoes have the perfect midsole cushioning that takes you along the day. However, long working hours demand you to be on your feet for at least 6 to 8 hours. In that case, your feet need extra support that can only come from a well-cushioned shoe pair. Cushioning such as EVA, gel, or memory foam in the bed, along with an EVA midsole, are excellent sources that can provide cushioning and absorb shocks.

Arch Support

Not all feet are the same. Some are flat, some have arches, one pair might be good for flat feet, but it won’t be for arched feet. Therefore, when buying shoes, it is essential to check your arch and see if the shoes you want to buy supports it or not. A supportive arched shoe keeps your feet in perfect alignment, helping you stand or walk for long hours.

Arch-supportBesides these points, look for shoes that have shock absorbency. These shoes will reduce the stress impact on your feet, knees, and ankle. Shoes must also be slip-resistant. In the contemporary era majority of the floors are artificial, and they have less friction tendency.

Once you checked all the boxes, go ahead and buy your favorite pair of trainers. We have shortlisted some of the best shoes for walking on concrete all day. Keep on reading the article to see which one suits your requirements.

Best shoes for standing on concrete floors all-day

Best women’s shoes for walking on concrete

Athletic Walking shoes:

New Balance 626V2 Work Shoes for Women

If you are a shoe lover, especially the athematic wear, you must have heard of New Balance. The New Balance 626V2 is ideal for women who work in industrial areas. These pairs of shoes are built for stability, safety, and support and are best known for their comfort. The outer sole is made from pure leather, which gives it a polished and stylish look. In addition, the lace feature enables you to adjust it according to your feet.

The ABZORB Crash Pad in the footbed reduces the impact and absorbs shocks while with your feet, the perfect cushioning it requires. Apart from that, these sneakers are lined with a moisture-absorbing, synthetic fabric that offers excellent breathability. The insoles are orthotics friendly so that you can add or remove them whenever you need some extra support. The slip-resistant feature provides superior traction. They come in three primary colors black, grey, and white, each complementing all outfits.

Dress Walking Shoes

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional

When working in a professional environment, you are also required to dress professionally. You cannot wear a pair of sneakers to a business meeting. If you’re looking for a pair of fancy yet comfortable shoes, then Alegria Women’s Keli Professional is the perfect choice for you. These pairs of shoes come in several colors along with a slip-resistant and durable feature that makes them good shoes for standing on concrete all day.

Alegria-Womens-Keli-ProfessionalThe well-designed pair gives your feet the comfort it deserves, with the well-cushioned footbed that offers ample arch and heel support that reduces pain caused by standing on concrete for long hours. In addition, these shoes can be dressed up or dressed down, making them a versatile pair. The insoles are also removable, just in case if you want to add some extra cushioning.

Athletic Shoes for Concrete Floors

Skechers Women’s Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Skechers are award-winning shoemakers in the lifestyle footwear industry that develops shoes for every individual. Finding the right pair of shoes that offer durability, comfort, and style in women’s footwear is challenging. If the shoes are not stylish, nobody wants to have a second look at them. However, with Skechers Women’s Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Work Shoe, you can have it all. It is a well-priced pair of shoes suitable for those women who work for long hours.

Skechers-Womens-Relaxed-Fit-Slip-Resistant-Work-ShoeThe outer sole is made from pure leather that helps with breathability. In addition, the synthetic slip-resistant outsole helps you from falling, giving you the confidence to carry out your day-to-day activities indoors and outdoors.

These pairs of Skechers do not come with a shoelace. The slip-on feature is a plus if you work in an area where you have to remove your shoes every then and now. In addition, these ultra-lightweight shoes have a strong toe safety that reduces the stress impact on feet and ankles. Although these pairs of shoes come only in black color, the minimal design works perfectly fine for everyday use.

Ortholite Cushioned Footbed

Clarks Women’s Everlay Elma Oxford

You want a pair of comfortable shoes but can’t compromise on style? Do you find yourself asking if fashion and comfort can go side by side? The answer is yes! You have the best of both worlds with the Clarks Everlay Elma Oxford. This pair has a sleek, athletic-inspired silhouette that is perfect for dress-up nights.

Clarks-Womens-Everlay-Elma-OxfordThe outer layer is made from leather that makes it durable and gives it a chic look. The synthetic sole is excellent for shock absorption makes it great for traction. The lining of the shoes is soft and allows breathability. The lace-up closure ensures a secure fit, hugging your feet and giving it the support it requires. The Ortholite® cushioned footbed gives you more space to add cushioning for some extra comfort. The wedge heel of this pair of shoes distributes the pressure equally so that you can walk on concrete for long hours.

Best Occupational Women’s Shoes:

Rockport Work Women’s More Energy RK465 Work Shoe

Rockport-Work-Womens-More-Energy-RK465-Work-ShoeRockport Works produces the best quality occupational shoes that help in carrying out activities. In addition, Rockport Works has produced some of the best occupational footwear for females to date. The shoes are designed for industrial workers who work in extreme conditions. These boots feature waterproofing, steel toe protection, and metatarsal guards that will keep your feet secure.

It also offers slip resistance outsoles keeping in mind the work environment of the workers. The inner lining of the shoes is made with moisture-absorbing material, which keeps your feet dry all day long. The shoes also protect against electric hazards. For comfort, the midsole is made with the EVA cushion along with the rebounding foot part pads and Adiprene shock-absorbing heel.

Best Women’s Clogs For Walking On Concrete:

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

Dansko-Womens-Professional-ClogIf someone needs to be on their feet all day long, then having a pair of Dansko Women’s Professional Clog is the best decision you can make for your feet. This pair of shoes support your weight and distributes it evenly so that your feet are at ease. It is suitable for women who spend long hours on concrete floors, such as a nurse, healthcare worker, waitresses, etc. the design of this pair is ideal for everyday wear with a leather outer layer and midsole form. This shoe provides optimum comfort to the feet.

The arch support gives your feet the maximum level of support and comfort by hugging to your feet. The polypropylene inner frame and the protective heel counter provide stability, enabling you to work freely. The PU foam in the footbed controls the temperature and boosts breathability. The Rocker Bottom is manufactured to absorb any shocks so that it doesn’t leave an impact on your feet.

Best shoes for Running on Concrete:

ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 20 (D) Running Shoes

ASICS-Womens-Gel-Cumulus-20-D-Running-ShoesWhen we talk about a pair of comfortable shoes, we envision old-school oxford shoes with fewer color options and monotonous designs. Then comes the ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 20 (D) Running Shoes with vibrant colors and maximum support. These shoes are made with FLYTEFOAM technology that makes them excellent shock absorbers. In addition, the pair remains lightweight and gives you a smooth ride along with rearfoot and forefoot GEL technology cushioning.

The pair’s sole is designed to give heels-to-toe ground contact. The pressure is evenly divided, which supports your feet for long hours. In addition, the flexible fit of the shoe adapts to the shape of the feet in a few days.

Best for Budget

Slow Man Women’s Sneakers Shoes for Walking on Concrete

Slow-Man-Womens-Sneakers-Shoes-for-Walking-on-ConcreteIf you’re on a tight budget, yet you don’t want to compromise on the comfort on your feet, then Slow Man’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers are best for you. These shoes have all the basic and essential features of a good shoe for walking on concrete. The shoes come with a Mesh fabric which makes the sneakers breakable and flexible. In addition, the wide round front gives more room to the toes to move around in a natural position and gives you the comfort of standing longer.

These slips are easy to wear with the EVA cushioning at the footbed. It provides a perfect fit you’re the arch to stay in one position. The unique style makes it versatile. You can use it for walking, running, doing sports activities, standing work, nursing, or driving, and more. The wide platform gives your feet enough support for carrying out daily activities without making your feet sore.

Best Sneakers for Walking:

Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

Saucony-Womens-ProGrid-Integrity-ST2-Walking-ShoeThese athletic shoes are meant for long hours of walking. The pleasing design and the impressive performance it gives to the users make it amongst the best sneakers for walking on concrete. The shoe is designed with 100% 100% full-grain leather with a wide toe that allows more free and natural movement. In addition, the rubber soles make it slip-resistant, ideal for artificial flooring such as tiles.

This pair is made with the EVA model for cushioning, along with the PRO GRID Cushioning system that hugs the feet perfectly and eliminates the stress impact on the feet. The Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 walking shoe is a smart-looking sneaker that does its job well without compromising the feet’ comfort.

Best Clog for Walking

Timberland’s PRO Women’s Newbury ESD Slip-On Work Clog

Timberlands-PRO-Womens-Newbury-ESD-Slip-On-Work-ClogThe pair of slip-on is a lightweight full-grain leather clog that is comfortable and safe. Timberland PRO Athletic Work Shoes are developed to keep in mind the work environment. The design focuses on lightweight performance and work-ready protection. Alloy safety toe shaped on women’s last offers lightweight protection. The inner and outer layers are made to keep the comfort and safety factor considerations.

The leather sole is slip-resistant and provides support to the arch. The focus is given on the small details from the midsole to the inner lining. The antimicrobial lining allows your feet to stay odor-free and free by absorbing moisture and controlling the temperature. The shoes are orthotics friendly, so if you want to add some extra support, you can easily remove the insole. The footbed is made with anti-fatigue technology that keeps you feel secure and sore free when standing on concrete floors for long hours.