Nike is an American brand that is designing and manufacturing apparel goods. Be it shoes, Shirts, or bands, we all have used their products in one way or another. The Specialty of Nike is in shoes, and every year millions of shoes are being sold out to the consumers. Do you wonder How Many Shoes Does Nike Sell A Year?

How Many Shoes Does Nike Sell A Year

The Nike shoe manufacturing will turn 60, but the Products of Nike stand the taller among the shoes of any other brand. Be it a football match or a morning walk, we all love to do them with a Nike shoe.

Nike shoes improve your performance and give you unwatchable comfort. The variety in the shoes has made Nike the most selling brand in the past few years.

Self-tying sneakers, which were imaginations a few years back, are now a reality. The passion for doing the impossible has increased the popularity of Nike in the young generations.

We have brought a list of their recent in line pairs of shoes, which might help you if you are planning to buy a nice pair of Nike shoes for you.

  • Nike Mercurial – Football studs ideal for playing football in grassy fields.
  • Nike Air zoom – Perfect for those who are running regularly
  • Nike Air Jordan – ideal for playing basketball in the court
  • Nike 6.0 – These are skateboarding shoes. 

However, if you are one of those who like to wear Nike shoes for Fashion during the casual routine, we have another list of Nike shoes you can wear casually.

  • Nike Air Max
  • Nike Air force one
  • Nike Cortez
  • Nike mad

Matt Powel, who is a sports industry analyst, has recently commented on the sale on Nike. The figures he quoted in his tweet will amaze you. His analysis was that Nike sold 25 pairs per second. Is it difficult for you to calculate their sale per year?

Let us break down the figures. According to the industry analyst’s statistics, Nike is selling 1,500 pairs of shoes per minute, 90,000 pairs per hour. Oops, that’s too big a number.

According to these statistics, the total pairs of shoes sold in one year are more than 780 million.

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Nike footwear sales per year in North America

In this section we are going to discuss the sales made by Nike Inc. from year 2009 to 2019. These figures will give you a rough idea about the income of the company.

Sales in 2009 4,694 Million US dollars
Sales in 2010 4,610 Million US dollars
Sales in 2011 5,111 Million US dollars
Sales in 2012 5,941 Million US dollars
Sales in 2013 6,751 Million US dollars
Sales in 2014 7,495 Million US dollars
Sales in 2015 8,506 Million US dollars
Sales in 2016 9,299 Million US dollars
Sales in 2017 9, 684 Million US dollars
Sales in 2018 9,322 Million US dollars
Sales in 2019 10,045 Million Us dollars

The sales figures indicate that there is a constant increase in the sales of Nike which shows the satisfaction of people with the product quality.

How many shoes does Nike sell a year? By country

We have compiled the data from three years of Nike sales worldwide. You will be amazed to see the constant increase in the sales of Nike.

Nike Sales  2017

In 2017 the total sales of Nike across the globe were more than thirty thousand US dollars. The People of North Americans were the top fans of Nike products during this year. 15,216 million USD sales were made only in New York.

The next region where the Products of Nike were sold in considerable numbers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The total sales of these three continents combined were 7,970 million USD.

China was the third-largest buyer of Nike products in the year 2017. The total sales in China during this year were 4,237 million USD.

Asian countries and Latin America were the countries where the sales of Nike products were least. In 2017, the total sales combined in these regions were 4,137 million USD.

Nike Sales 2018

In the year 2018, Nike products’ total sales across the globe were around thirty-five thousand million USD. In this year, the North Americans were again the top buyers of the Nike products, but there is a surprising element, and that is, the sales this year in North America were lesser than the sale of 2017. The total sale this year in North America was 14, 855 million USD.

The sales in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa increased in the year 2020, which shows that the people of these regions preferred Nike’s products due to their quality and comfort. The total sales made in this region were 9,242 million USD.

China was again on the third number in terms of sales in the region. The total sales of Nike products during the year 2018 were 5,134 million USD. The sales in China increased by a thousand USD in one year.

Asians and Latin Americans also showed more interest in Nike’s products, and due to this, the total sale in the region during the year 2018 was 5,166 million USD.

Nike Sales 2019

The total sales of Nike products during the year 2019 were the highest in the last three years. The year’s sales were around thirty-eight thousand million USD, which shows that their customer outreach is constantly increasing, and the buyers are satisfied with their products.

In terms of sales, the leading region was again North America, with total sales of 15,902 million USD. The sales in 2019 were increased as compared to the last year.

The second in the list of highest sales were Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, with a total sale of 9,812 million USD.

The third number was China. The total sales made in the Chinese region were 6.208 million USD. The constant growth in China is evidentiary that people are satisfied with the product quality.

On the fourth number, we have an Asian region and Latin America with a total sale of 5,262 million USD.


How Many Brand Basketball Shoes Does Nike Sell A Year

There is no doubt that most of the income of Nike is being generated from the basketball shoes. Many of the players are in contract with Nike, and they are part of the company’s regular marketing campaign.

Air Jordan is one example in which Michael Jordan and Nike Inc. collaborated to bring up the new inspiring design, which boosts your performance while you are on the basketball court.

We have brought a list of Bestsellers from the Nike store collection, which will help you determine the right choice for you.

Le Born 17 Low is the best seller in the Nike stores. The product came out in September 2019 and got popularity right after its release. The shoes are manufactured with such material with maximum shock absorption ability; therefore, the players are much satisfied with Nike’s product. The shoe is available in the Nike stores for 160 USD.

The second shoe in the list of bestsellers is Kyrie 6 N7. The product is popular among many of the Nike lovers because of the story and marketing behind it. The shoe is named after the famous basketball player Kyrie Irving’s. The Player’s fan following is tempted towards the product because of the emotional connection with the Player. The shoe is readily available on the Nike stores for 130 USD.

Le born 17 Graffiti is the third bestseller in the Nike stores. The product is famous because it is named after a basketball player, Le born James, who has inspired many of the spectators because of freestyle and personal values. The product is a modified version of Le Born 4; therefore, it has the strength of the past and the future design, which catches the buyers’ eyes. The product is available at the cost of 225 USD in Nike Stores.

Kyrie 6 is another among the best sellers of Nike Basketball shoes. The product is available at a discounted rate of 65 USD. The wide strap of the shoes locks the feet to easily play the game without the fear of losing grip of your shoe. The material used in the shoe is lightweight so that the Player can play without putting much effort.

Air Jordan 1 mid, Air Jordon 1 mid-SE, Air Jordon Dub zero, and Air Jordon 1 low are also among the best sellers in Nike’s list of basketball shoes. All these Air Jordon’s are made up of premium material, which gives an Iconic look to the shoes. Apart from this, these Air Jordon’s are uniquely designed to enhance the performance of the players.

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Nike Subsidiaries

There are four Nike Subsidiaries.

·         Jordan

·         Converse

·         Hurley

·         SPARQ

Nike has either bought these Subsidiaries or grown them because the company wanted diversification.

Formerly the Nike owned Starter, Cole Haan, and Umbro, but has sold them.

Nike is well aware of the market dynamics, so wherever it sees the market of a reputable shoe company that has growth potential, but at movement, it can be bought at cheaper rates the Nike goes for it. Due to this, the company acquires a potential market which can be later entertained with the best quality shoes and other products.

Jordan Market

Air Jordon shoes are much in demand these days due to several reasons. The sports industry analysts are predicting its further growth in the forthcoming time. This product’s potential market is basketball players across the globe, but since the sport is being played more in the United States, its popularity is expected to grow at a much faster speed.

These are the reasons for Its Popularity

· The Michael Jordon being the brand ambassador of this product

· The comfort and lightweight of the product

· The performance of the players in these shoes

· Nominal price of these shoes.

· Constant increase in basketball players at every level of society.

The branded athletics shoes are expected to be much in demand in the upcoming years. We all know that every Player has a fan following, and if we talk about Michael Jordon, the fan following is even more. So, when these fans see their favorite players in a shoe, it becomes their dream to buy them.

Secondly, the performance of the players is also associated with shoes. Who doesn’t like to perform like Michael Jordon in the court? Being humans, we think that their performance is all because of the athletic shoes which they are wearing.

Due to these reasons, there are high chances that the market for branded Athletic footwear will grow in the forthcoming time.

Nike Financial Analysis

As evident from the above discussion, Nike is a growing company with its customers across the globe in all the world regions. In this section, we will do a financial analysis of the company, which will help you understand their growth and the prospects of investment in it.

The fiscals are going very well for the company, due to its increased number of products and customers, the company’s revenue generation increased by 7 percent in the last fiscal year.

During the fiscal year 2019, the company’s net income increased to 1.4 billion compared to 1.93 billion. This increase in the net income is 108%. The Nike board of directors also approved an increase in the company’s dividend from 88 cents to 98 cents per share.

An increase in the income per share was also recorded in the last fiscal year, with 114%. During the fiscal year 2018, earning per share was 1.19 $, while in the fiscal year 2019, the income was recorded as 2.55$.

Nike Current Ratio

The current ratio represents a company’s liquidity, and it is the measurement that shows whether a company is capable enough to meet its requirements or, in more simple words, it is a measurement that shows a comparison between the liabilities and assets of the company. Higher current ratios indicate that a company is stable enough to meet its resources.

We will give you the current ratio of Nike to be in a better position to judge their liquidity.

· The Nike Inc. current ratio for the fiscal year 2019 was 2.5x

· The Current ratio for the fiscal year 2016 to 2020 was 2.6x

· The median current ratio between the Fiscal years of 2016 to 2020 was measured at 2.5x

· In the last five years, the current ratio was on peak in 2017 at the rate of 2.9x

· The company’s current ratio decreased in the fiscal year 2018, but then again, it became stable in the next year.