New Balance basketball shoes may not exactly be the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for new sneakers. After all, this brand is not exactly known for making basketball shoes as their expertise is more in line with running. However, you may get your money’s worth if you purchase one of these.

With this article, I would tell you why it may not be all that bad of an option when it comes to on-court apparel.

What Is New Balance All About?

New Balance is one of the pioneers for people who don’t know all about the company regarding athletic footwear. Established in 1906, this Boston-based company is one of the most respected footwear brands in the world. And they accomplished that even without much fanfare. Unlike their competitors in the sneaker game like Adidas and Nike, they don’t focus on hype-producing machinery such as advertising. Instead, they invested heavily in creating some great, if underrated, shoes. They specialize in creating running shoes, but they are also pretty good when making shoes for other sports like tennis and basketball, and even for casual wear.

The Things Going For New Balance Sneakers

Though they are not precisely hyped as other shoemakers, many things are working in favour of New Balance. First, because of their experience that spans over a century, they already know precisely what athletes’ needs are. For instance, their shoes are highly recommended for their excellent fit for most people. Those who are looking for men’s wide shoes won’t be disappointed. The company made shoes that are ideal even for people with feet of wide width, which is not exactly something the basketball shoe market is not known for. It’s not uncommon at all to find New Balance basketball shoes in 4e width or even wider. It’s this approach that makes these shoes potentially endearing.


Some Models Of New Balance High Top Basketball Shoes

While New Balance will always be better known for creating low tops designed for games such as running, their high tops are not at all shabby. Some of the world’s best athletes, particularly NBA players, are proudly wearing their New Balances during games. Besides, their shoe models earn some positive reviews from players and shoe testers who have tried a pair. Some of their models, including the New Balance 888 basketball shoes and the New Balance 906 basketball shoes, are getting strong recommendations from those who tried them.


Balling With Balance

The hype is commonplace when it comes to basketball sneakers. But as New Balance has proved over its century of existence, you can succeed in the footwear market even without much hype. By creating solidly designed and high-performance shoes, serious ballers would surely appreciate getting a pair of these. Best of all. Some stores offer these shoes at a discount. If there’s such a thing as being sneakily fantastic, basketball shoes made by New Balance has to be it.