Sports shoes for basketball and outdoor sports are in demand among outdoor enthusiasts. Professional basketball shoes provide better mobility and comfort, while inexpensive shoes can be successfully used in everyday life.

The review presents the most sought-after basketball shoes on the market with the best performance. As criteria for the evaluation rating, not only product characteristics were taken into account, but also feedback from end users who made their choice in favor of one of the presented models.

TOP 10 Best Basketball Shoes 2023

10 Demix Beast II

★ Optimal combination of price and functionality

Country: Vietnam

The Demix Beast II basketball shoes are considered by many to be a good and inexpensive solution for training and semi-professional sports. The lacing provides excellent fixation of the equipment on the leg, while maintaining sufficient mobility in the ankle. The upper is made of breathable mesh for better ventilation and comfort of the foot. An EVA cushioning layer is also provided, which reduces the load on the joints.

The shoe’s construction, typical of basketball loads, is great for high-speed maneuvering and allows the wearer to play confident, dynamic games. Among the shortcomings, many owners consider the weak resistance of the rubber sole to outdoor loads. Judging by the reviews, the model more than compensates for this shortcoming with an affordable price and confident behavior on a traditional basketball surface.

9 Converse ERX 260

★ Great choice for amateur game

Country: USA (produced in China, Vietnam)

Leather basketball shoes successfully combine sports equipment for playing basketball and casual shoes. The soft tech OrthoLite outsole is complemented by an EVA cushioning unit in the heel, allowing you to land painlessly after high jumps. At the same time, the low profile gives more mobility to the ankle, which is best suited for playing in active defense.

In the reviews, the owners especially note the good layout of colors and other design solutions that make the sneakers attractive in everyday use. They are perfect for amateur basketball and outdoor training. On the floor, many consider them somewhat rough, with poor tread responsiveness to active movements.


★ Breathable effect. Strong adhesion to parquet floors

Country: China

Stylish inexpensive ANTA KT3 sneakers, judging by user reviews, already initially sit very comfortably on the foot even without preliminary dressing. At the same time, buyers note a heel that is slightly overestimated in relation to the toe, which may be an inconvenience for some players. A well-chosen diamond-shaped tread pattern provides these sports shoes with the best grip on the floor. Sneakers, judging by the reviews, practically stick to the floor, guaranteeing instant braking and maneuverability.

A comfortable last and additional Velcro provide a secure fit and support for the foot. EVA technology is responsible for the optimal parameters of recoil and damping in this model, assuming two types of foam of different density and thickness. The ANTA KT3 sneakers are made of textile material, which contributes to their better breathability.

7 Puma Rebound Layup Lo Sl

★ Best price

Country: Germany (produced in India, Vietnam, Malaysia)


Fans of street basketball play the most inexpensive of the sneakers presented in our rating – Puma Rebound Layup Lo Sl. Crafted from faux leather, this oversized model brings comfort to its wearer, both during workouts and in everyday life. The reviews note the incredible comfort of SoftFoam + insoles, which provide excellent cushioning.

The outsole of the Puma Rebound Layup Lo Sl basketball shoes is made of durable rubber that is resistant to abrasion and dirt. It also has excellent spring properties, which guarantees excellent cushioning during high jumps. Even on the most slippery surface, such sports shoes behave predictably due to the successful combination of large and small elements in the tread pattern.

6 Jordan Why Not Zer0.2

★ A good choice for a dynamic game

Country: USA (made in China)

Lightweight sports shoes from the popular brand are designed for active and confident play. The presence of special voids in the outsole not only reduced the weight of the model, but also gave the basketball equipment better cushioning properties and high mobility. The forefoot features a Zoom Air unit that actively absorbs shock and protects against injury.

The textile upper is durable enough to withstand the rigors of the game, yet wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable during intense workouts. The rubber outsole, judging by the reviews, is not at all intended for playing on the street. At the same time, inexpensive materials are perfectly compensated by the use of innovative technologies in the construction of sneakers, so that they can be considered one of the best for playing basketball.

5 Adidas Pro Bounce Madness Low 2019

★ Confident maneuvering

Country: Germany (produced in China, Indonesia)

The Adidas Pro Bounce Madness Low 2019 is one of the most popular among the wide range of gaming shoes. These basketball boots are designed for playing indoors and are not recommended for outdoor use. Based on user feedback, an outsole with a standard herringbone pattern only guarantees better traction in ideal ground conditions.

For effective shock absorption during a jump and better cushioning, the Bounce foam layer in the midsole of these shoes has been increased to 2.5 cm in the heel with a smooth transition to the toe. For maximum ankle safety in this model, a molded high shaft and a protective side insert made of transparent material are responsible. The increased number of lacing loops to 8 also ensures confident maneuvering on the basketball court.

4 Under Armour Curry 5

★ Excellent stability on parquet

Country: USA

The Under Armor Curry 5 basketball sneakers presented in our rating are the personalized model of Stephen Curry, the best point guard in the NBA at this stage. These running shoes feature a low toe and extra-wide outsole for superior stability. For the most confident jumps and stops on the floor, these athletic shoes feature a deep tread pattern and an Anafoam midsole for better foot stability. The durability of the outsole allows you to carry out a certain number of games on the street.

A distinctive feature of the Under Armor Curry 5 sneakers is the original deep lacing that provides unsurpassed fixation of the foot. The boot’s stretchy, ventilated material, impact protection and ease of movement also make it the shoe of choice for basketball.


★ The brand’s most famous model

Country: UK (manufactured in Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey)

Launched in 1996, Reebok’s signature SHAQNOSIS was the company’s fifth shoe designed specifically for the legendary Shaquille O’Neal. It was in these sports shoes that Agent J appeared on the screens in the bestseller “Men in Black”. Despite the external massiveness, the presented sneakers are light and very comfortable to wear. Lightweight outsole provides better cushioning for powerful jumps. Aggressive tread pattern and wear-resistant rubber outsole provide a confident feel both in the hall and on the street.

The Reebok SHAQNOSIS basketball shoes have a faux leather upper. Despite the fact that in some reviews there are moments describing not the highest quality of performance, real basketball fans still dream of becoming the owner of this bright and original model.


★ Best value for money

Country: USA (manufactured in Mexico, Vietnam, China)

When choosing the best option for basketball shoes from the presented low-cost models, many prefer the Nike PRECISION III. These shoes have the best cushioning properties due to the mid-profile sole, which is especially important for mitigating the load on the joints during high jumps and sudden movements. An anatomical insert and a rigid heel counter provide maximum comfort and a secure fit, and additional holes for lacing are also provided.

The upper of the Nike PRECISION III is made with breathable material to keep your feet dry even during intense play. For better traction in these basketball sneakers, the outsole has a deep tread pattern with reinforced wear points. Judging by the reviews, the model is great for outdoor competitions.

1 Adidas D.O.N. ISSUE #1

★ Choice of the highest scoring attacker in the NBA

Country: Germany (produced in China, Indonesia)

The Adidas DON ISSUE #1 Basketball Shoe is featured in Donovan Mitchell’s own line of top NBA offensive player. This model attracts attention, first of all, with its original design, made in the style of popular comics. The choice in favor of these sports shoes is also due to the optimal degree of safety and comfort. High lacing, an additional side insert and a reinforced heel cushion allow you to securely fix your foot and thereby avoid possible injuries.

The shoe’s durable rubber outsole has a thick herringbone pattern and can handle a few outdoor workouts. At the same time, there are reviews in which they note insufficient adhesion to parquet and slip. Despite being low-profile and made from lightweight materials, this sneaker is by no means the lightest at 450 grams.