One of the preferred winter footwear options for men is sneakers. They are popular with the representatives of the stronger sex of different ages. Winter sneakers can be used not only for running, but also for everyday hiking. They are distinguished from summer ones by a thick insole and internal processing with a heater. High quality winter sneakers should provide good cushioning while walking or running, without interfering with active movement; keep the heat inside the shoes; prevent sweaty feet.

A large and varied number of winter sneakers for men on store shelves provides endless possibilities for selection. But, as practice shows, buyers prefer long-proven brands. From the whole variety of well-known brands, we have identified five of the best. The selection criteria were the above-mentioned characteristics of high-quality men’s sneakers for winter.

Top 10 Brands of Winter Running Shoes for Men


★ High performance

Country: Japan


Today, the brand occupies one of the leading positions among manufacturers of sports shoes. It belongs to the budget category. The Japanese company was able to combine comfort, lightness, advanced technology with a stylish design. ASICS winter running shoes are made of quality materials, durable and inexpensive.

ASICS models are distinguished by water resistance, a flexible anti-slip sole, and a ventilated surface. Some are equipped with additional spikes. All models of winter sneakers for men are insulated. They are very comfortable and functional. Ideal for running. In ASICS sneakers, you can forget about uncomfortable sensations during sports. For all the time of its existence, the brand has become popular not only among representatives of amateur sports, but also among professional athletes. ASICS meets the needs of a variety of customer groups, from conservatives to innovators.


★ Outstanding style

Country: USA


The main criteria that the New Balance manufacturer is guided by are comfort and quality. The brand is distinguished from competitors by the high practicality of shoes. Winter models of sneakers for men are very resistant to severe frosts. Thanks to the insulated lining and excellent materials of manufacture, they prevent the penetration of cold and water into the shoes. A thick sole protects the foot from freezing, and an elongated upper securely covers the ankle. “In New Balance sneakers, the feet really stay dry and warm,” notes the male half of the buyers.

Winter running shoes are perfect for running. They are comfortable and easy. The grooved sole does not allow you to slip. The special construction developed by the founder of the brand is used to this day and provides a high level of cushioning when walking. In sneakers from New Balance, the feet do not get tired, even if you walked in them all day. No wonder New Balance shoes are considered orthopedic. Another advantage is the attractive appearance of the shoes. In the models of the company, you can not only train, but also take daily walks around the city.

8 Saucony

★ Comfort and durability

Country: USA


Reliability, design, convenience – it’s all about Saucony. The company never deceives potential consumers, and its products always correspond to the declared advertising. Excellent cushioning, high practicality, discreet but presentable design – these are the main advantages of Saucony branded sneakers. Most of all, men like the easy degree of cleaning from dirt, because it saves a lot of time.

Consumers call the company’s models “sneakers forever” and for good reason. They really serve for a long time and do not lose their appearance even with active use. Saucony sneakers can be washed in the washing machine many times without fear. According to buyers, this is one of the most stylish and high-quality sneakers.

7 Row

★ The perfect combination of price and quality

Country: Italy (produced in South Korea)


The South Korean supplier of sportswear and footwear is known as one of the best brands of men’s running shoes. Almost every successful man always has a couple of Fila models in stock. These are great shoes for nature trips, long walks in forest areas and for outdoor activities. Korean sneakers always look stylish and are easy to clean.

The only downside is the sizing. You need to be careful when ordering online, brand sizes do not always correlate well with ours. Among the strengths of Fila is excellent breathability, which can not be compared even with expensive analogues. Sneakers have good cushioning, many tourists take the company’s models on short trips and tours.


★ Best production technology

Country: USA


Nike is the most popular American sports shoe company. A special development of the brand was a special collection called Winter. It is not in vain that a lot of effort was put into its manufacture. Today, Nike is the world’s leading shoe market and is in demand among buyers. In our rating, the company occupies an honorable first place. There are many benefits to winter boots. All models are waterproof. The brand uses only environmentally friendly materials. The fit of the foot is tight, the heel is stiff.

Another advantage is excellent grip. It is impossible to slip in sneakers. Depreciation is top notch. Air Max technology protects the spine and legs. Some models have a neoprene lining, which has low thermal insulation. The most popular winter running shoe for men is the Air Max 95. It features three air cushions on a durable rubber outsole and deep tread. Customers are very fond of Nike for its unsurpassed quality and convenience of products.

5 Timberland

★ Quality materials

Country: USA


The manufacturer uses genuine leather and makes some of the highest quality winter sneakers. Models of any Timberland collection do not press and do not create steam room conditions. Feet feel comfortable and do not get tired for a long time. Men love branded sneakers for wear resistance and the absence of creases on the sole.

Timberland have good cushioning and help the foot during long walks. Even the company’s winter shoes are quite light and do not give a lot of load when worn. Absolutely all buyers of this company are sure that its models will go through fire and water. Most of all, they are surprised by the affordable price with such high quality. Most fans of the company are sure that the shoes do not have any disadvantages – only one advantage.


★ The best practical shoes

Country: USA


The world famous Reebok brand is famous for its design solutions and excellent quality. Model developers closely monitor fashion trends and successfully apply them in their work. Therefore, Reebok shoes constantly please us with original novelties. Men’s winter sneakers are in no way inferior to warm boots. Shoes are worn for a long time without losing their original appearance. This is due to the high quality materials used in production and tailoring technologies.

Reebok is very attentive to even the smallest elements of products. Winter sneakers reliably protect your feet from freezing, as they are made of dense material and insulation. The outsole is very durable and non-slip. Some models use a thicker version of the sole. Reebok offers a choice of leather winter sneakers with fur trim and insulation models. The second option is not as expensive as the first, but both types are in demand among buyers. One thing remains the same – Reebok shoes are carefully crafted. Once you make a choice in her favor, you will be satisfied for a long time.

3 Puma

★ High quality

Country: Germany


The world famous German company produces the best quality men’s sneakers. The manufacturer uses exclusively luxury materials, so the high cost of the models fully justifies itself in durable wear. The brand’s shoes cover the feet as much as possible, do not get wet and remain dry even under heavy loads.

The Puma requires a lot of maintenance, but it’s worth it. If you have several pairs in stock, then branded sneakers will last even longer. Buyers trust a well-known brand, as it has never blundered. Each new collection confirms the company’s conscientious policy and enhances the brand’s popularity.

2 Under Armour

★ Thoughtful design

Country: USA


The company was founded by former footballer Kevin Plank in 1996 and has since established itself well among others in the market. It makes excellent running shoes for running and other sports. When it rains, they do not allow moisture to pass through, but at the same time the feet do not sweat. High-quality material allows the skin to breathe in any weather. Thoughtful insoles do not allow the feet to get tired, preventing various problems in the future, because uncomfortable shoes give rise to diseases.

Most consumers buy Under Armor running shoes for sports. There are those who choose them for ordinary comfortable walks in the park. The only disadvantage of the company’s assortment is a small selection of colors, but the high quality makes it very scanty. A large-scale survey of buyers showed the most positive reviews about the brand. People appreciate the maximum comfort and convenience in Under Armor shoes. 



★ Better wear resistance

Country: Germany


Adidas has been around for over 70 years. All this time, it has been producing high-quality sportswear and footwear. Adidas has won the hearts of consumers thanks to its wide selection, unique design and excellent quality. Adidas winter shoes easily endure frost, snow, mud, slush. Distinctive features of winter sneakers for men are durability, reliability, attractive appearance.

The advantage of Adidas men’s winter sneakers over classic models is the ability to combine them with different styles of clothing, whether it is a formal look or casual. Adidas winter running shoes securely fix the foot, providing comfort when running or walking. The company carefully selects materials for the manufacture of products. The most sought after men’s model is the Adidas Y-3 RYO HIGH. Its feature is the presence of a top removable wind and waterproof insert. It combines urban style and wild nature. The price of Adidas sneakers is quite high. But she’s justified. Customers are very pleased with the excellent quality of tailoring. Numerous positive reviews testify to this. For all the time of its existence, the brand has never given reason to doubt the quality of its products.