Trekking shoes are in demand among men who lead an active lifestyle. In hiking conditions it is difficult to do without high-quality and comfortable shoes. Although some buy them for the city, believing that trekking models are more comfortable and durable. Their quality is indeed given more attention, and technologies are used that increase wearing comfort.

Leading brand of hiking shoes

Compared to everyday models, the trekking shoe market is represented by fewer brands. Their production is mainly carried out by companies specializing in equipment for tourism and sports. At the moment, there are several very worthy firms.

Arcteryx . A Canadian company that manufactures primarily mountaineering products. But in the range there are also models for ordinary trips.

Mammoth . A Swiss brand that produces rather expensive, but really high-quality goods for mountaineering, tourism, and outdoor activities. All products of the manufacturer are tested under extreme conditions before being released for sale.

Salomon . French company producing sporting goods. It is one of the European market leaders in this area. In the assortment of the brand you can find shoes for all types of tourism.

How to choose reliable hiking shoes?

When choosing sneakers for tourism, it is better to focus not on the appearance of the model, but on its design and properties. It is worth paying attention to the following points.

Rigidity . The right hiking shoes are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. They should sit comfortably on the leg, but securely fix it.

Moisture protection . The use of a membrane material is very welcome, which will not let your feet get wet in case of rain.

Sole. An element of sneakers that receives special attention. The requirements for it are strength, wear resistance, good treads that correspond to the characteristics of the area where you plan to go.

Depreciation . In sneakers with weak cushioning, it will not be very comfortable to overcome rocky, uneven areas.

Reliability . It is important to choose a wear-resistant model so that it does not tear in the middle of the route.

The best men’s running shoes for short hikes

Here we consider the most successful models for hiking – the simplest type of hiking. It can be called a weekend hike along a short, pre-planned or already familiar route, with a minimum number of things behind you, without going through difficult sections. But even in this case, you will need high-quality, comfortable and reliable shoes with good treads and protection against moisture.


Top 4. Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Gtx Core



Best price


All good trekking shoes are expensive. The model from Adidas stands out against their background with an affordable price.

  • Country: Germany (produced in Indonesia)
  • Upper: ripstop
  • Sole: EVA, rubber
  • Membrane: yes
  • Weight: 350 g

Lightweight and durable men’s hiking shoes for all-weather hiking. Special deep rubber treads provide excellent grip even in wet conditions, and the Gore-Tex membrane protects the feet from moisture without interfering with natural air circulation. A quick lacing system, a cushioning foam midsole and a shock-absorbing element in the heel add to the comfort of the sneaker. A molded TPU toe cap protects your toes from hitting obstacles. The model is suitable for both the summer period and the off-season. Of the minuses – for some men, the sole may seem too stiff, dense laces fray the fabric over time.


Top 3. Arcteryx Konseal Fl 2



The lightest


The weight of these sneakers is only 310 grams. They are so light and comfortable that they are almost not felt on the leg.


  • Country: Canada
  • Upper: PU nylon with TPU coating
  • Sole: EVA, Vibram rubber
  • Membrane: no
  • Weight: 310 g


Lightweight and comfortable summer trekking shoes are versatile in use. They behave well in the mountains, suitable for short-term hiking and even everyday wear in the city. This is one of the best men’s models in terms of convenience, maneuverability and manufacturability. Of particular note is the Vibram rubber outsole. It is light, but strong and durable, and the increased contact area of ​​the tread allows you to feel confident on different types of soil in any weather. The seamless top tightly fits the foot, preventing small stones and debris from getting into the sneakers, it passes air well, and is characterized by increased wear resistance. Adds convenience with an integrated lacing system and a shoe changer loop. The disadvantage of users in the reviews is sometimes called not accurate sizing.


Top 2. Salomon XA Pro 3D V8 GTX Urban



Best value for money


Lightweight trekking shoes are great for hiking, but at the same time they are quite affordable.


  • Country: France (produced in Vietnam)
  • Upper: textile
  • Outsole: rubber compound
  • Membrane: yes
  • Weight: 370 g


Decent men’s hiking shoes that are not only comfortable, but also interesting in design. They have everything you need to move off-road – a waterproof membrane, a seamless welded upper for a comfortable fit, and reliable protection against injuries. The fast lacing system is convenient and practical – the tension is regulated literally with one touch, and the excess is quickly fixed in a special pocket on the tongue. The lacing is asymmetrical for a better fit. The outsole is durable and provides excellent traction on all types of ground – loose and dense, dry and wet. These trekking shoes provide maximum comfort on your hike. Minus – sometimes users complain that during active use the material in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe laces is wiped.


Top 1. Mammut Convey Mid GTX



Most Reliable


These are really high-quality, durable, wear-resistant sneakers that will not let you down on a hike. They have all the advantages of trekking models.


  • Country: Switzerland
  • Upper: nubuck
  • Outsole: Gripex™ Tri Traction
  • Membrane: yes
  • Weight: 385 g


Durable, durable men’s trekking shoes made of natural nubuck are a great option for hiking in any weather. A layer of Gore-Tex lining will keep your feet dry but won’t prevent sweat from evaporating. Sneakers will be suitable for any features of the foot thanks to the Memo Foam technology. Foam material provides the most comfortable fit, supports the heel, reduces the load on the legs. The model also uses TPU calipers to support the arch of the foot, reduce fatigue and the likelihood of injury when walking. It is worth paying attention to the patented sole, which gives confident traction on any type of soil. Overall, this is one of the best hiking shoes out there. But when buying, you need to consider that they run small – about 1.5 sizes according to user reviews.


The best men’s running shoes for challenging trails


If you have a multi-day trip along a difficult route, you should thoroughly prepare. First of all, choose really reliable and comfortable shoes that do not get wet, do not slip on wet ground, support the foot, and have good cushioning. Most trekking models for long hikes have pronounced treads and protective linings. All models in this category are made using membrane material, suitable for rainy weather.


Тop 3. Salomon Cross Hike Mid GTX



Secure foot support


The special construction of the upper of these sneakers anatomically wraps around the foot , providing a secure fit. This gives confidence on difficult routes.


  • Country: France (made in China)
  • Upper: textile, artificial leather
  • Outsole: plastic, rubber
  • Weight: 396 g


Reliable, high-top men’s shoes for off-road and any weather. The seamless upper provides a comfortable fit, while strategic overlays reduce the chance of injury on difficult trails. The fabric has a water-repellent impregnation, an additional Gore-Tex membrane is used, so the feet will remain dry even in heavy rain. And thanks to the multi-directional studs of the outsole, you can feel confident on wet, slippery ground. It is worth paying attention to the special design of the top. It anatomically wraps around the foot, securely fixes it, while not restricting freedom of movement. But there is a common problem – a weak lace retainer, while walking, the tension weakens.


Тop 2 Mammoth Alnasca II Low GTX



Comfortable custom fit


Thanks to the Memo Foam technology, the manufacturer has managed to achieve an individual fit. That’s why Mammut sneakers are especially comfortable.


  • Country: Switzerland
  • Upper: suede, textile
  • Outsole: rubber
  • Weight: 420 g


Versatile men’s sneakers are suitable for any weather – warm and cold, dry and rainy. They perform well in hiking even on difficult routes, providing a decent level of protection, comfort and reliability. The membrane model does not get wet, but the feet do not sweat in it. Other features include 3D TPU support, improved cushioning, and a rock-solid, rock-solid outsole. The use of Memo Foam technology gives you a personalized fit, while a reinforced rubber toe box protects your toes from impact and scree. These are just great shoes for those who are going on a long trip off-road. The reinforced design of the model has only one drawback – the shoes are heavier than analogues from other manufacturers.


Тop 1. Haglofs Ridge GT True



A good option for any weather


High-quality Haglofs shoes will help you overcome difficult routes with ease. They will not get wet in the rain, they will give confidence on any ground.


  • Country: Sweden
  • Upper: water-repellent nubuck
  • Outsole: rubber
  • Weight: 472 g


Durable, reliable, wear-resistant, but at the same time comfortable sneakers will make it easier to overcome difficult sections of the route, and will make you feel comfortable in any weather. The membrane material will protect against moisture, the Wet Grip Rubber ™ protectors will give excellent grip on any surface, even wet ground. A variety of technologies have been used to manufacture the multi-layer sole, preventing twisting and the risk of injury, absorbing shock loads, and increasing energy efficiency. This is one of the best men’s trekking shoes that will not let you down on difficult routes. They are expensive, but the price is justified by the excellent quality and convenience for hiking conditions. Minus – due to the use of genuine leather, the model is quite heavy.


Best men’s hiking shoes for mountain terrain


Sneakers for hiking in the mountains must be chosen especially carefully. It is worth considering only special trekking models with secure foot fixation, reinforced toe and heel, multidirectional treads for better grip. And, of course, men’s hiking shoes for hiking in the mountains must be of high quality, reliable and durable.


Top 3. Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX



Great option for cold weather


Salomon shoes not only excel on steep descents and climbs, but also keep you warm in cold weather.


  • Country: France (produced in India)
  • Upper: synthetic, textile
  • Outsole: rubber
  • Membrane: yes
  • Weight: 450 g


An excellent model, the best suited for steep climbs and descents. They are especially good for cool weather, their feet do not freeze even in sub-zero temperatures. Otherwise, the sneakers fully meet all the requirements for shoes for mountainous terrain – a powerful outsole with a multidirectional pattern of two types of rubber for better grip, good fixation and support for the foot. There are protective pads on the heel and toe. Some people like the standard lacing system and the loop at the back for easy changing. In general, the model can be described as reliable, solid, comfortable, suitable for the most difficult routes with steep descents and ascents. Manufacturer’s defect, according to user reviews, weak depreciation. You may need to change the insole. And it should be borne in mind that the model is not suitable for a wide leg.


Тop 2. Low Gtx Graphics Disappointment



The most comfortable


A model for those who want to feel comfortable even in harsh natural conditions. The shoes are very comfortable, reliable and durable.


  • Country: USA
  • Upper: leather, synthetic, textile
  • Outsole: rubber
  • Membrane: yes
  • Weight: 448 g


Hoka sneakers will give you real comfort in any terrain. They are suitable for hiking in the most difficult places, including in the mountains. The model features improved cushioning, reliable grip on the most difficult surfaces, durability and convenience. The upper is made of combined materials – leather, nylon, TPU of different densities. It perfectly fixes the foot, reducing the likelihood of injury during descents and ascents. Comfort in any weather is ensured by the Gore-Tex membrane, it does not allow moisture to pass through, but does not prevent the natural evaporation of sweat. The model is quite expensive, but high-quality, comfortable, wear-resistant – an excellent solution for mountainous areas and any hiking trips. There is only one problem with sneakers – too smooth laces are often untied.


Top 1. La Sportiva TX4



The best option for mountainous terrain


It is difficult to find a more suitable model for long hikes in the mountains. Sneakers are durable, comfortable and have excellent grip on rocky ground.


  • Country: Italy
  • Upper: suede, leather, faux leather
  • Outsole: rubber
  • Membrane: no
  • Weight: 390 g


The model from La Sportiva is perfect for long hikes in the mountains and the passage of not very difficult climbing routes. The shoe is reinforced with heavy-duty rubber around the perimeter for greater durability when walking on rocky mountainous terrain. The inner lining is made of non-slip mesh, the sneakers fit snugly on the leg and fix the foot well. Additional advantages include excellent cushioning, ergonomic insoles, and a convenient quick lacing system. In all respects, this is a successful model for mountainous terrain, which will allow you to feel confident in the most difficult places. Minus – in hot weather, the feet in sneakers sweat. There are also questions about the processing of suede, with prolonged wear, the skin of the tips of the toes may be slightly stained.