Many will agree that there is no more comfortable shoe than good running shoes. But they must be of really high quality, with a thoughtful ergonomic shape, a shock-absorbing sole. Good sneakers do not pinch anywhere, do not rub, practically do not feel on the leg, but at the same time they securely fix the foot.

What’s more, they reduce the strain of walking, allowing you to walk longer distances with minimal fatigue. Therefore, sneakers are one of the most popular types of summer shoes among men who lead an active lifestyle.

Popular sneaker manufacturers

The quality of the chosen sneakers will largely depend on the manufacturer. These are the shoes, when buying which it is better to pay a little more, but be sure of the guaranteed comfort and durability.

Ralph Ringer . A company producing shoes for men, women and children. It has become popular among buyers due to the optimal ratio of price and quality. It can be attributed to the middle price category, but in appearance, its men’s sneakers are not much inferior to even more famous foreign brands.

Hoka . The company, founded in France, appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already gained popularity among buyers. The distinctive features of her sneakers are unsurpassed lightness. Models are mostly running, but many of them are great for everyday wear.

Puma . The brand that is on everyone’s lips needs no introduction. Any sports shoe fan will recognize its logo. All sneakers of the brand are stylish, comfortable and of high quality. What is nice, in the range there are not very expensive models, as well as many options for every day.

ASICS . A popular Japanese company specializing in the development of sneakers for different sports. They are distinguished by recognizable style and convenience.

How to choose men’s sneakers for summer?

Walking in sneakers will be comfortable only if they are chosen correctly. When buying, you should pay attention to several points.

Top material . It is preferable to choose summer sneakers with a textile upper. It will not interfere with natural air circulation.

Reinforced heel and toe . The presence of inserts in these places will increase the life of the shoe.

Sole thickness and treads . It all depends on where you plan to walk in the sneakers you purchase. For the city, asphalt, a midsole is enough. For walking on dirt roads, stones, rough terrain, it is better to choose denser, but lighter soles with pronounced treads.

Depreciation . Shock-absorbing inserts and insole layers will reduce the load on the legs while walking, reduce fatigue.

Manufacturer . And, of course, in any case, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. Shoes of a well-known brand will be of higher quality than Chinese sneakers, more comfortable and will last much longer.

Top 10. Ralph Ringer Steven

The best sneakers for every day

It is difficult to find a more successful everyday option. Sneakers from Ralf Ringer are comfortable, compatible with a wide variety of clothing and are not very expensive.

  • Purpose: everyday wear
  • Upper material: textile
  • Outsole Material: TPU

Lightweight summer men’s sneakers from Ralf Ringer are perfect for everyday wear. Neutral design, compatible with a wide variety of clothes – the best solution for every day. The model features a successful combination of the top of the base color with a white sole. This is a win-win option that always looks modern and relevant. The top of men’s sneakers is made of breathable textiles, so in summer, even in the strongest heat, the feet will not sweat. A flexible TPU outsole provides maximum walking comfort. The only point is that sneakers are not suitable for wet rainy weather and off-road. This is a purely urban option for men who prefer a sporty style.

Top 9. Decathlon MT2 Evadict

Best price

Real sports shoes at a low cost will be a godsend for active men who love hiking and trail running. Powerful treads and excellent cushioning are their distinguishing features.

  • Purpose: trail running
  • Upper material: textile
  • Outsole Material: Rubber, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Stylish running shoes with a strong outsole from the manufacturer of sportswear and footwear are perfect for trail running and hiking. They are designed not for asphalt, but off-road, including rocky, hilly terrain. Their key features are excellent grip due to treads and rubber, improved cushioning, foot stabilization due to the increased surface of the sole. The quality of the sneakers is not bad, they can withstand quite high loads, active use. And for all their merits, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other similar models. But for every day it is better to look for an easier option.

оп-8. Rieker 16426-40

Universal style

The faux leather model is good because it will fit almost any outfit. This is the most versatile option for everyday life.

  • Country: Germany
  • Purpose: everyday wear
  • Upper material: artificial leather
  • Outsole material: polyurethane

Completely versatile summer men’s sneakers that go well with both sports and casual wear. And in terms of convenience, they are suitable for any purpose – sports, hiking, walking around the city or the surrounding area. These are reliable and comfortable shoes for every day and one of the best options for summer. Despite the fact that the upper is made of artificial leather, its perforation and high-quality lining do not allow the feet to sweat, the well-designed sole and insole provide an anatomically correct position of the foot, and elasticity provides excellent cushioning. Feet in these sneakers will not get tired even with long walking. The shoes look very neat.

Top-7. Mizuno Wave Sky Neo

Striking style and maximum comfort

A find for young men seeking to look modern. Bright youth style in these sneakers is combined with maximum convenience.

  • Country: Japan
  • Purpose: running
  • Upper material: textile
  • Outsole material: rubber, plastic

What distinguishes these sneakers from the models of other popular brands is the abundance of bright and rich colors. Made in a youth style, they will suit lovers of non-standard, non-boring images and, of course, ideally complement sportswear. But this is not their main advantage. The upper material has maximum breathability, an anatomical insole and a Mizuno Enerzy foam outsole provide unparalleled comfort when running and walking. Engineers have worked hard to reduce the load on the foot during movement, its reliable fixation, combined with convenience. But, despite all the advantages of sneakers, men were able to find disadvantages in them – the inner parts of the backs are quickly wiped.

Top 6. Reebok Vector Runner

The optimum ratio of price and quality

Quality sneakers from a well-known, time-tested brand are a tempting offer. This is a good and not the most expensive solution.

  • Country: USA (produced in Vietnam)
  • Purpose: everyday wear
  • Upper material: textile
  • Outsole material: wear-resistant rubber

The updated classic from the fresh 2021 collection can appeal to men with the same sporty style, ergonomic design and convenience. Thanks to the double insoles, walking in sneakers is really comfortable. The upper is predominantly made of textile, natural circulation keeps feet from sweating even in the hottest summer weather. This is one of the best models for everyday wear from a well-known manufacturer and at a reasonable price. The quality is excellent, sneakers will last more than one season. But most importantly, they are comfortable – light, soft, with good cushioning and carefully thought out ergonomics. A successful and not the most expensive solution for active men.

Top 5. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 15

Classic design

Excellent summer sneakers, made in a classic design, neutral colors. Suitable for men who are looking for comfort, but do not want to look too catchy.

  • Country: USA
  • Purpose: training
  • Upper material: textile
  • Outsole material: wear-resistant rubber

Nike sneakers are perfect for sports and everyday life. They have a quite standard, classic design, and are available in neutral colors. There are black and gray options to match any outfit. The breathable upper makes them great for summer. Since the treads on the sole are insignificant, the sneakers are more likely to be designed for walking on asphalt. What else they can be praised for is their excellent cushioning. Walking in them is really comfortable, the load on the legs is minimal. Even overcoming long distances is easy. Shoes are expensive, but of high quality, from a manufacturer proven over the years.

Топ-4. Puma Resolve Men’s Running Shoes

Comfortable running shoes

An inexpensive model of the famous Puma brand will appeal to those who like to cheer themselves up with a morning run. For this purpose, it suits perfectly.

  • Country: Germany
  • Purpose: running
  • Upper material: textile, artificial leather
  • Outsole material: EVA, rubber; CMEVA midsole

Simple in style, yet stylish, Puma’s men’s summer sneakers will delight you with an increased level of comfort. The upper is made from 85% breathable textile material, so your feet will not sweat even in the hottest weather. Despite the outward simplicity, men’s sneakers are made using the most modern sports technologies. First of all, this applies to the sole – the outer rubber layer gives it elasticity, and the intermediate one made of CMEVA foam – softness and smoothness of the step. The SOFTFOAM insole has excellent cushioning properties. Although these shoes were designed for running, they are perfect for every day, and will harmoniously match with any clothing.

Top 3. Timberland TBLA2A82M

Ideal men’s trekking shoes

A great option for hiking in any weather and terrain. Massive outsole, reinforced heel and toe, cushioning – everything you need for tracking.

  • Country: USA
  • Purpose: tracking
  • Upper material: artificial leather, textile
  • Outsole material: rubber, ethylene vinyl acetate

Stylish and bold trekking shoes will appeal to men who lead an active lifestyle and love hiking. A massive sole is needed not only for excellent cushioning, but also for protecting the foot from stones, for better grip on the soil surface in any weather. The heel and toe of the sneakers are reinforced with rubber overlays, everything is carefully stitched – these sneakers will last a long time even with active use. Despite its purpose, shoes are suitable for everyday wear. It is thought out to the smallest detail, so it sits comfortably on your feet, does not interfere with natural ventilation, goes well not only with sportswear, but also with jeans. The cost is high, but it is justified by the excellent workmanship.

Top 2. Hoka ONE ONE Rocket X

The lightest

Hoka sneakers are almost not felt on the feet. They are as comfortable as slippers. The weight of massive outwardly shoes is about 280 grams.

  • Country: France
  • Purpose: running
  • Upper material: textile
  • Outsole material: CMEVA foam

An interesting novelty from Hoka, designed specifically for sprinting. But this does not mean that they cannot be used for everyday wear. On the contrary, high-quality sports sneakers will give real comfort. The new summer model uses a carbon plate for a smooth transition from heel to toe, and the sole is made of extra light material. These shoes literally do not feel on your feet. Yes, and the shoes look great, although not universal. Sneakers will be a worthy choice for men who prefer a comfortable sporty style and generally appreciate comfort. Only here the price does not please. Not all buyers are willing to pay big money for sneakers .

Top 1. ASICS GlideRide2

Ergonomics thought out to the smallest detail

The Japanese manufacturer strives to make sneakers really comfortable. For this, technologies are used that increase comfort and reduce the load on the legs.

  • Country: Japan
  • Purpose: training
  • Upper material: textile
  • Outsole material: wear-resistant rubber

Great pair of shoes for running and everyday wear. Neat stylish look, maximum comfort – all this makes men’s sneakers a good option for any situation. ASICS men’s running shoes feature several patented technologies – a curved midsole design to prevent fatigue, shock-absorbing inserts, an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole, and a functional mesh upper for natural ventilation. Sneakers are presented in several colors – there are bright and neutral shades, so that every man will choose the right option for himself. This is a good choice for the summer for active people, for the city and sports. They have one minus – a high price.